What will happen with embed music player from a NING Plus network?

Hello Mr. Rosenthal -
dear Eric and Evan,

I noticed and understand now all your announcements of the new NING price plan. Let me write you that I payed free since 2008 for Premium Services. I am sad that this earlier payment includes NO credit for my site.

It seems that I can't purchase NING Pro - with NING Plus there will be NO music player of the site. But what will happen with all songs added by my members to this network? they are musicians and added their music as a gift to the world.
What will happen with the mp3 data files if I will purchase only NING Plus? What will happen with embed music players to other websites? Will the HTML code be corrupted?

My last questions: you allow and support embed video player and to older videos added to a NING network will be available too. Why you can do this for music players too? Why you can't close the upload function but leave the line open for songs added by a link from another website? This would not affect the storage. Because of the new price plan I started now to delete photos added my members who added more then 30 photos. What about the possibilty for a payed premium membership and a basic membership which can be configurate by NC's?

Best regards,

Jens Mügge
/ founder of OMN

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Hi, Jens! I believe the music will still be available, but it will only be accessible if you were to upgrade to a Pro account when the player would be accessible. If I have that wrong, I'll come back and let you know.
my network is a music network. I'm a teenager and can't afford to pay 50 a month just to have the music player feature. It's very frustrating and I wish I could but i work at starbucks and am paying for college. It's been a dream of mine to own a music networking: noisetrend.com but now it's going to fall apart. It's been 1 year in the making, I've booked shows for bands, and helped me get into the industry and start connection. ning is crushing my dreams with this, it's horrible. Why can't music players and video uploads be available to the middle plan?
Hi Eric, thanks for your response.

My question has two aspects. First: what will happen with the embed music player. Some or many members added the HTML of the player from their profile page to other pages. Will this HTML code destroyed? Will the music player above without function?
My second aspect: It is really sad and hurts me that the new NING Price plan suggest to leave older videos in function and available on the network --- but not all songs which members added to my network.

I understand that NING like to charge me if members can upload new songs in future. BUT please understand: if NING will hide all songs from my network - you wrote they will still available but not accessible - cause I am not in the financial situation to purchase a NING Pro - if NING will do that really and it seems NING will do that of course then NING will claiming in my opinion the ownership of all these songs. There are 1518 songs on the network - added by all members from July 2007 to this day.

I am begging Mr. Rosenthal, Evan, John, Phil and you to re-think this decision. There must be another way to stop uploading songs - close the pipeline for uploading songs - the bulk uploader and single uploader but do not decide that I can move the feature SONGS only to my network if I have paid NING Pro. That would be too easy. Please tell Mr. Rosenthal this fact ... if all songs which are added to a network before the NING price plan will begin will not be accessible - then NING will claims the ownership of these songs. And if I remember the Terms of Service in a right manner then NING has to provide always an access to all content of a NING network. If I am wrong with that please explain me the TOS by NING. Sorry, I am a German and blonde.

My last point: Do you know what could happen to me and to my network if members missing their songs in July or August 2010 because they are not accessible while I am not able to purchase a PRO? Therefore I need some important improvements to charge my members for additional services on my network. It is not the best way that I offer all members all features. It would be better that members can use the network, can stay with a basic membership - but if they want upload songs and want upload videos or would like to contact members with private messages - they have to pay for these individual services in my way. With the gift shop NING showed that it could be possible to charge members for a special service. And I have written this here in this forum now maybe for the third time that I need this improvement to charge members for different services on my network.

Hi Eric,

I have to ask you again: what will happened with the embed music player. If the music will still be there what will happened with the embed music player which added some of my members to their private websites for example. And please: you haven't replied to my point that I feel / think / mean that NING claims the ownership of all songs of my network if I do not purchase a NING Pro package. Why this difference between videos which are added by uploading to my network and will be accesible but not with all these songs which my members added to my network. I can't purchase a NING Pro. And I can't accept that NING will block the access to all songs on my network. In this way NING forces me to migrate my network from NING.
Hello again. If you are a Ning Mini subscriber and you have embedded your player across the Internet (wherever that may be), that player will not work. To speak to your other point: When the archive tool is ready to go, you can simply archive that music if you like so there'll be no theoretical question of ownership.
Hi Eric, yes you are right. When the archive tool is ready to go there'll be no theoretical question of ownership. And that's why I leave the NING platform because if I do not pay a NING Pro NING would claim the ownership (because members and visitors have no access to their songs) of all songs. If I would not leave NING and can't pay a Pro I I would have a big, big problem with some of my members because in their eyes I would claim the ownership of all their songs.

Good that NING will provide a migration path. I can't wait to read more about it here or on the NING company blog. And sure I hope I will be able to re-install the data files on an own server.

Thanks for 3 different years on NING with all good and bad days.

Good Luck and all the best,
Am I right to assume that embedded 3rd party music players will continue to work on Plus networks?
Hi celina,

Yes they will.
Thanks Phil
The music players and mp3's that have been added since the dawn of my network are a huge part of how it started and why members keep coming back. I can't afford the pro plan, and if it's removed from the plus plan there's no reason for me to even consider sticking it out for a monthly fee.
I agree with you and don't understand the decision by NING that older videos will be available but not the music which was added since July 2008 to my network. NING Pro is against a Niche Network which is based on an non-profit idea.
can i have embed code for this player? the jukebox and musiic doesnt work.


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