If any of you would like any of these things leave a comment with the number. Maybe ning will listen :) Or if you have any other wishes write them down in a comment! So here we go...

1) Separate profile accounts. I run a music site and would like someway to separate my "listeners" from my "artists" maybe with different profile questions and permissions.

2) Unlimited text boxes. Right now they limit the number of text boxes you can add on your page.

3) Control of what member profiles will look like. For Example, We should have a "features" page but instead for front page features, profile page features. If I want profile questions to be in one spot and remain there we should have that option. Also for the other modules. We should have control of where things go on our website's.

4) Share links. Example: Share this profile on twitter, Share this profile on facebook. Sort of how purevolume does it. (purevolume.com/emery , purevolume.com/ivoryline - you can see how they have those buttons at the top).

5) A contact page with text input fields. What if we want our members to directly contact us? We can give them an email but we should save them time and give them a form to fill out and submit!

6) I think we should have some updates to the music feature like Top Songs, Top Artists or something.

7) Updates on chat. When someone private messages you I think the chat window should pop up. Sort of like Facebook. Sometimes someone sends me a private chat and I don't realize it because the bar does nothing to catch my attention.

8) Better video, image, music, etc uploading. Something like how photobucket.com / mediafire.com / and other sites do it. You just click and start selecting files by CTRL/COMMAND. And after they upload you then edit the information. With the current uploader when typing it starts to lag a lot and I'm running on a mac.

Thats my list. Ning is a great service! I just think these few improvements would help a lot and bring more people to your ning network! After a long fight ning finally implemented paypal into premium services so ning does listen! Write down all your wishes here!

Also, check out my ning network if you love music : www.noisetrend.com

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1) I would like unlimited text boxes on the front page.

2) The ability to select which album I use for the photoshow on the front page.

3) A ideas torrent, something like http://www.ideatorrent.org/, or Google Moderator, or get satisfaction but just accessibe to my network members. I know that there are a number of NING apps which do things similar but I have found problems with most NING apps and you usually have to pay money to get their ads removed or you have to agree to their t&c's. My members have already agreed to NINGs t&c's and my network t&c's, I don't want anymore. (I also fear that if I use them then, as I can only have 5, I might miss out on a better one later if I install the not-so-good ones now).

4) Being able to log into NING using a Facebook id would be great, which Facebook status carrying across.

5) To be able to modify the Embed code on videos (e.g. if I got the size wrong).

6) My final wish is to know when my members last logged in - so I know which members are deadwood and which log in but don't have much to say.
i am liking number 6. I would like to know who is really being active in my network.
I buy this one. I discussed it with a friend because we were thinking about offering a prize for the most active member of my network but we didn't know how we could prove that. A credits system or some form of tracking like the feature that shows the most popular picture, song, video, etc. would be great and will send members competing.
I also add my vote for number 6!
Hey Felipe!

With no. 4, we're actually working on that and hope to roll it out soon. We hope to work on more text boxes sometime in the relatively near future as well, though it's not scheduled yet.

On no. 5, that actually exists already on every Ning Network. Look for the "Report an Issue" link on the bottom of the page. On Creators, it points here:


You can link people there, and submissions on those pages will be sent to the email accounts of administrators.

Ning Product Manager
Even I don't think you understood what he meant on #5

he means a way to modify the embed code of a video entry after you create it. This would be so cool because sometimes you need to update a video but don't want to lose all the comments. Also sometimes a video on YouTube gets removed, or you might decide to put it up on vimeo for better quality or whatever.
Oops I see I was looking at her #5. Sorry. I'm on my cellphone.
Yup, I was referring to the original post :)
what about #2? Why can't we have unlimited text boxes?
Hey Felipe!

We found that content loaded into text boxes really slowed down page load times, so we cut the number of available text boxes.

However, I'm working on a project to allow more flexibility with text boxes, which I hope to get scheduled for the next few months.

Ning Product Manager
Saludos yo solo pido que lo que tengo me funcione,,y por ahora no se porqué no me funciona ni google analytics, ni mi contador , ni la barra jomla en mi red desde el 21 de diciembre que ha pasado? me podríais ayudar? mi red es http://luchacanaria.ning.com Gracias por adelantado
can networks that already have more than five keep them? One of my networks has more than five text boxes. Also I would add, for feature to ning networks, webcam chats and a webinar service. Many networks do webinars. Be nice to have a service we could use.

I want to keep the existing over 5 text boxes my one network has.


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