Why are invitations for a NING PRO network are limited to 50 Invites daily?

Why are invitations for a NING PRO network now limited to 50 invites daily? This must be joke. As network creator for a musician network it makes NO sense, to explain my members they shall invite to  their concerts at first 50, the second day 50 and third again 50 contacts. That's nonsense!

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Hi, Jens! We actually have a discussion about that here. Hope this helps.
Hi Eric, I was offline for a longer while - yes, this helps - e.g. your response: "as Nick notes in his blog post "... we invite you to contact us directly if you're looking to send out invitations beyond these limits; we'll work with you to arrive at the best solution." So, we definitely want to work with you if your Ning Network has a specific need we can fill. I'm sure we can find a way to accommodate you." ... but it is a pity that this discussion is closed and some points are not clear and you haven't responsed what shall be with niche networks like my overtones. This limitation affects the invite to an event too - is that right? - so mostly my members did not invite their contacts to a network, they are using it to inform about new concerts and workshop by inviting all their contacts from their business CSV data file. Sure they do not invite all their contacts - like mother, father ... - only their contacts who are on their concert lists - and these are mostly more than 50 and more than 100. The hightest point was about 2300 to one workshop class.

I send a message to the NING help center - because it seems that this issue shall not discuss any longer here in this forum - or why are replies are closed to this topic?

What about the announced improvements (April 2009) for the invite pages. To fight for "Ning’s email delivery reputation" it would be good to find a way that members can manage invite to an event easlier - to pick members in their local area only - therefore I am still waiting for a new invite page again. The answer by NING seems only to limit now the daily invites.

Ah, but you closed the discussion on the other page weeks ago. Not so much of a discussion now, is it? Music and other niche networks are not the same, there should be a way to allow members to invite more than such a tiny amount. Certainly there are ways around this. What about closed networks, whose members are already proven as very viable upstanding people? These points should be considered.
Yes, I do not understand why THIS topic is closed if there is a need to dicuss it.

If I try to understand this decision then I understand that NING tries to save their reputation about SPAM in earlier days. Sure - NING has less reputation - during the season that members could invite all THEIR FRIENDS from one network all over other NING network. Some sites uses a SPAM detector and I had to see that a http://whatever.NING.com URL was flagged this URL as SPAM. Did I used the URL of my network it wasn't Spam detected.

So ... I don't understand why an own domain URL shall be limited. WHY I am NING PRO user ? NOT because NING treats me again and again with limitations which makes no sense for the special need of my musician network.

And what about my request for a new invite page. I didn't hear or read something until now.
My members are composers and musicians, some have a huge fan base, I have thousands, myself. This type of limitation is just plain silly. Sending someone to a "discussion" that has been closed for weeks is even sillier, Eric.
Often I noticed here on Creators that new arguments doesn't count. That's silly too ... - I send a ticket for this topic and I am waiting now more than two days for a reply to my request to unlimit invitations for my network. Since more than 2 years this uses own URL extensions and it is a serious site.

Eric: you link me to this discussion but force me to reply here because you haven't open your discussion until. Why do you not open this linked discussion again?

As I said to John: I'll reopen that one and you can keep on chatting.
Hi, John. That discussion was closed because it was getting long in the tooth. I'll open it and you can keep talking.


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