Will There Be A Plugin To Allow Creators To Easily And Effectively Join the Anti SOPA Blackout On The 18th?

I understand that Wordpress and other sites will be making these available:- Wordpress Plugin If not...might it be possible to post a guide here on the easiest and most effective ways of doing this? I'm thinking in terms of uploading a a temporary index page to the file manager with appropriate text and links. Can anybody suggest any other methods?

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Thanks for asking what I wanted to!

You can for now use code from this site which won't black your site out but will at least help your visitors to act in an informed manner.


That looks like a good option....how do I get the stop censorship code in the header? Presumably via the advanced CSS? Not sure how to do it.

No it goes in your custom code block....

OK, but WHERE in the custom code block should it go? At the top, bottom, somewhere else? Or does it matter? I opened my custom code block and there's lots of code in there.


If I read correctly, SOPA (for now) is a dead bill.

That's beside the point. They're still going to vote on it in February, and its sister bill in the Senate is still alive, too (PIPA). This is a very serious issue and we need to recognize that.

I tried testing this on my test network and can't get it to work. Here's the original code:

<script type="text/javascript">var a=new Date,b=a.getUTCHours();if(0==a.getUTCMonth()&&2012==a.getUTCFullYear()&&((18==a.getUTCDate()&&13<=b)||(19==a.getUTCDate()&&0>=b)))window.location="http://sopastrike.com/strike";</script>

I edited the date, changing "18" to "17" and "19" to "18" so that I could presumably test it NOW (adding it at the top of the Custom Code box), but it didn't work. The test network displayed normally. Did I not do something right?

By the way, the code I pasted above is from this site: http://sopastrike.com/#how-to-strike

I added the BLACK OUT NOTICE, but the NING website is still running.

I would love it folks would visit my blog on this subject.

Wikipedia SOPA Protest Turns The Lights Out Wednesday January 18 2012

Yes, because I tried to put this on my site too and it would not work so I had to use the Language editor but when I use that it just shows the message but the links wont work....here is my site you can view for yourself what I did and how the links still won't work. I tried the Sopa code in every which way but it still would NOT work. I even told my members and twitter and facebook followers about it...I felt really stupid lol


are you guys trying to participate in the blackout/online strike? If so, why not change your offline message in the language editor to quickly explain about SOPA and PIPA, post the times you'll be offline in protest, and simply take the network offline for that time frame?

For SEO reason, I think ;-)


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