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500 error on some Ning Networks


Due to the maintenance in the Ning systems, 500 errors might appear on some Ning Networks.
It usually takes up to 20 minutes for our technical team to solve such issues.
We do apologize for the inconveniences, but the maintenance works are necessary for stabilizing our systems and improving their functionality in future.

Ning Team

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    • Hi! We apologise for the inconveniences.

      Our programmers are already working on this issue. Some networks have already been fixed, so yours is going to be fine soon as well,

      Thanks for your patience.

  • My discussions aren't showing up correctly. The latest discussions/forum show up to 50 posts on my network when I only want 10 or so to show. Something is wrong with how the discussions are being viewed. Is this part of the error?

    • Chris yes it's an issue and Ning says they'll work on it........but we're still waiting.  Images inside the beginning of a post, are also not being displayed on the main page.  These are things that make me go "grrrrrrr" because websites look INSANE with no control.  idk  how they can let it keep going like this.  Just nuts!

      I would recommend you file a ticket (as I have).  If only one Creator files a ticket, I don't feel it carries as much weight as when 20 Creators file a ticket. 

      • This reply was deleted.
        • Yep, it just gets worse. I now have about 50 latest posts and no latest activity. It's got to joke levels. 

          • Sounds like a server is down?  I filed another ticket - recommend you both do as well.

  • COMMUNICATION!!! what a refreshing new concept brought to the Ning platform by new owners Noosphere. 

    So nice to be warned ahead of time that this is an known and expected outage and not blindsided and void of information.


  • Thanks Anna, for keeping us posted. Appreciated very much.

This reply was deleted.

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