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A Mini Change for the Future

We're making a change that won't affect our current customers, but we wanted to let you know about it. It's always been our goal to keep you informed about any changes we make to the platform or business.

Starting today, Ning will discontinue offering the Ning Mini plan as an option for newly created Ning Networks, except in the case of educators who start new Ning Mini plans via our long-standing Pearson full-sponsorship option. 

This change will not affect existing Ning Mini subscriptions. If you currently have a Ning Mini subscription, we encourage you to keep moving forward with your current plan. You can continue to renew your monthly or yearly Mini subscription. Effectively, there is no change for our current customers. 

Why this change? 

Over time, we've seen that customers who choose the Mini option are both less satisfied and less successful at building thriving communities. Many Mini customers have told us pointedly that the Mini plan doesn't meet their needs; that it's missing key features, and that—perhaps most important—it doesn't offer the higher level of customer service they prefer to receive as part of our Plus and Pro options.  We're committed to helping our customers be successful. By sharpening our focus on further development of higher-level features for the Plus and Pro plans, we're confident we can help more customers succeed over time. 

Check out the FAQs below. They should answer any questions you have, but if they don't, we'll do our best to clarify. 


Can I purchase a Mini plan at the last minute? 

No. This change is effective immediately. 

What about Pearson-sponsored Ning Mini sites? 

Pearson-sponsored Mini sites are not affected by this change. If you are a North American educator and currently receive a complimentary Ning Mini subscription, we encourage you to keep moving forward in the same manner. Keep doing what you're doing! Keep educating and let Pearson pick up the bill.

Will you continue to offer Pearson Mini sponsorships?

Yes! We are happy to report that we will continue to accept new applications for North American educators for Ning Mini sponsorship. We've always been thrilled with Pearson's generous offer to partner with us to serve North American educators, and we're just as thrilled to have them extend their generous spirit into the future. 

EDIT: As of March 2013, we are no longer accepting new applications for Pearson sponsorship.

Can I downgrade to a Mini plan? 

No. We're discontinuing the creation of future Mini plans, and that includes creating a new Mini plan in our accounting system as the result of a downgrade to Mini. 

What about customer service for Mini subscribers? 

We've traditionally offered email support for Mini subscribers, and we will continue to do so. One aspect of this change that may not be apparent is that by discontinuing the Mini option, we are able to free up support resources going forward and apply those resources toward enhancing and adding support options that will benefit Plus and Pro subscribers. We want to focus aggressively on an even higher level of service for Plus and Pro customers. 

Can I still purchase Add-Ons? 

Yes. The genesis of our Add-On options was based on customer requests. It continues to be an option for Mini or Plus customers who need "that one extra feature" for their site.

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  • Hi Eric! and others! So what's the upgrade path from our current Mini accounts. When I choose one of the upgrade options I'm presented with 2 choices: Plus and Pro. Are these really still available? And if so, how do they relate to the Basic, Performance, and Business plans? (A comparison chart would be nice!) In any case, is there a path from our current Mini accounts to Basic, Performance, or Business plans? Is it (are they) offered on favorable terms to non-USA-resident (registered) charities such as ourselves? Many thanks!

    • mini plus and pro are 2.0 they are feature based plans with additional addon upgrade options

      3.0 basic performance business are size related plands based ion the number ofmembers

      mostly features are the same except number of admins and the api access

      im thinkinf the nin profu[it discounts goung away.,so far but the prices are possiv=bly going to change and the discount may return

  • 3215499?profile=originalhorrors! The door's closed to newbies wanting to sign-up for a Mini-Ning. It's been phased out.

    3215512?profile=originalHappy me, happy me! I'm a veteran Mini-Ning subscriber, and if I understood Eric, then I can renew my subscription for yet another year when it runs out end of March.

    3215526?profile=originalSilly me, silly me! I haven't been reading here in Creators for three-quarters of a year now and missed all the action of decisions. Good that I finally showed up today to find out 'what is what' going on.


  • Eric. I upgraded my MINI into a PLUS yesterday, but nothing has happened yet. I was charged for the PLUS, but my site is still in MINI.

    And Tickets take 48 hours?. So would you please help on this? Why do you charge if you do not immediately execute? I don`t get it. I waited the whole night but the system still on MINI .

    • Sorry if things didn't go as expected, I think I am seeing your site working as a Plus network. Are you still having trouble? Have you contacted our support team? 

      • Thanks Eric. Support Team enable me this morning about 11:30AM of my time. 8AM of yours.

  • Eric. One Question

    My Normal Billing Date for Plus and Mini is the 12 of each Month. If I activate the Mini to a Plus today 20, the cost of the Upgrade will be prorated or a Full USD 24.95 will be charged?

    My Plan is to Upgrade the Mini I have to a Plus, and Canceled the PLUS I had before the ending of the Month.

    With the Mini Change of killing the MINI for the future I was force to make a decision. Kill one.

    Thanks your continuous support.

  • For the majority of Ning Site Owners, this move is good.  I am happy to pay, makes one a little more responsible for what they own.  If only we could get our members to understand that if there are enough members, only a dollar a year would cover expenses, most members still want it all for free.

     It is very nice of you to offer the mini sites to schools and non profit organizations who have them now.

  • It's a shame to be losing these potential groups.  I guess not enough of them were choosing to move up.  But in our case, where we have formed a small family site, with members around the world in 15 scattered countries, and with no significant group budget, it was a perfect forum for us to send out family news, articles and announcements. 

    Hopefully the ever increasing pressure for Mini-ers to "move up" won't involve future restrictions or new limitations on the current features.


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