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I wanted to update you about some changes that I think some of you will find very welcome: Activity Feed changes. We've made a few updates that should help standardize the appearance and provide you greater control over what appears in the Activity Feed.

We have three details to share about this update. 

The main change is that you now have the option to display the titles of posts only, if you choose. If you're not a fan of Detail View, you can choose Titles Only. For those of you who wish to return to an older look, this should come as a welcome change. 

You also now have control over how many characters to show in Activity Feed entries. You can choose to show 100, 250, 500, or 1,000 HTML characters under each Activity Feed item. 

Finally, text sizes are now consistent on the Main Page. Once again, we'd like to thank all of you who took the time to report any font size inconsistencies. Very helpful! 

Those are all of the updates we have for now. One outstanding detail we are still working on: incorporating email notifications for Status updates. We'll post here when those are incorporated into the current set of active email notifications.

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  • Said it before (to no avail) so I'll say it again:




    Ning spent so much time making these changes to Activity Feed (on the Main Page) that they yanked away the best part of its RSS counterpart.  Not cool!


    Now, our RSS-based newsletter (which gets all its content from Activity Feed**) looks like this:


    Mrs. A replied to Mr. B's discussion "Why won't Ning fix this?"

    Mrs. A replied to Mr. B's discussion "Why won't Ning fix this?"


      instead of how it was pre-July...


    <title>Mrs. C replied to Mr. D's discussion "Why won't Ning fix this?"</title>

    <description> Mrs. C said: "Y'know, what I really miss seeing here, is what I wrote in my reply!" </description>


    Seriously?  No help here?  aarghhh...


    ** See for yourself:

  • Okay Eric, with Strumella we are three clients who desire an Activity Feed with more posts shown than 20. You comment on an older post in this thread with that an unanswered "ticket" is something you will consider more seriously (and want the ticket number to locate it to see why it's unanswered). Is this something that we need to do as well, to submit a "ticket" to increase the odds of you considering taking some action on extending the number of allowed posts in the Activity Feed? I am trying not to be negative here, I like fast results, and want my Ning community to be as excellent as possible. Right now it is okay, but not great yet.

  • All I've ever wanted was the choice of say 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, & 50 items showing.   Eric, is this really that difficult for Ning to tweak?  It would make many people very happy, and I'm pretty sure no creator would be against having the choice.

    The Latest Activity List is by far the biggest way all my 2000 members get involved- it's hugely important, at least for my network.  If you blink for 10 hours or sleep miss the happenings from earlier in the day forever.  Members who check in once a day are missing out on fully half the things they might have gotten interested in and involved with.


                                                                        5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 !














  • Yes, if it is just me and John who are disturbed with the fact that the Activity Feed is limited to 20 posts,, we are probably too few to have an impact. Just wondering how you can allow us to have (if I remember correct) 5, 10, 15 or 20 posts showing. But then to allow the Feed to be scrollable infinitely back in time, would be like a huge task to perform for the Ning team?
  • It's great that you answer us, Eric, but I have to agree with John here, The "considering" and "perhaps" is not the answer one wants to hear from a cutting edge social media biz co. it sounds more like something from, well, I don't want to offend you, Eric, but I am associating with some local governance clerk in a country behind the Iron Curtain in the 60's...;)
    • It sounds like the answer you want to hear is: "You are absolutely right. This is the most important thing we should be doing. We will stop work on other projects and reorganize our priorities to make this happen as soon as possible." I'm sorry to say that this isn't an answer I can give you.

      You indicated that you were surprised no one else had requested it:

      Is it just me who wants an infinite Activity Feed?... I wonder why noone else comments on this.

      I am simply trying to acknowledge you, hear you, and respond genuinely to you. As honestly as possible. Would you prefer that I not answer? I certainly don't want to lie to you or try to fool you. 

      An "infinite" Activity Feed isn't something we've promised. Some people have asked for it. I will refrain from saying it's something we are considering if you would prefer. Always open to hearing what type of answer you think would be more appropriate for feature requests like this. 


      • Hey Eric. I would just like to say that we very much appreciate you responding and being honest and open and from me also im trying to do the same otherwise how would we grow if nobody talked these issues out. Of course we don't expect all other projects to stop as what you give us is fantastic. I myself am involved with many projects, my network being one, and im the same when issues arise what gets priority but these I control but my network is in your hands so i try to put my posts in a way that gets the issue across plainly so it can be resolved,as I said before how else would you know whats going right or wrong with the creators networks. Text is really emotionless and its seems im shouting from the rooftops in an angry way but trust me im not and am just trying to give you my situation. An infinite feed would take up a great deal of data but more than 20 would be a great help to everyone. Im not sure how you would word it but maybe something like: Adding more to activity feed being investigated. This at least is a positive rather than a negative of, its something we may consider but then again. Sorry if this was a bit long.

  • Reading your post here John, (no I don't think you are ranting at all) makes me think that maybe the Ning crew is too busy working with their community system architecture's tech aspects, therefore losing focus on what is important for the users of a community. For me personally, when the Activity Feed allowed members to comment on each others posts, I invited lots of new members, and one complain I hear is that "What's the point in putting up content, when it's gone forever the day after?"

    • Thanks Bjorn and I do agree. Don't get me wrong I do love the feed and I do get the similar thing and I know that you have the comment wall but thats something more between members themselves and not to share with everyone and I do like the way this works, one thing ive considered is turning of the comments titles posted from the comment wall to allow more space on the latest activity which would work you also have to consider turning of the 'Liked this',commented on photo' etc to leave just the available space for adding contect via the activity box which would allow more posts to show rather than being eaten up by the likes etc, but it's a tough choice to make.

    • Hey, Bjorn. People have commented on this. We've said repeatedly (many dozens of times) here on Creators that this is an option we're considering -- perhaps adding more to this feed and perhaps putting it all on a separate page. 

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