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Over the past year, we’ve heard requests from Ning Mini customers who have wanted to turn off mandatory Blog moderation. Great news! We’ve now made it easier for your members to blog by removing mandatory blog moderation — if you choose. 

With this change, you'll now clearly see an option in the Content > Controls section of your Mini Dashboard. 

Check it? Uncheck it? It's up to you. 

Thank you for sharing your feedback to help us make the Blog feature work a little bit better. And, happy blogging!

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  • I might be late as I have just scale back from NING plus to Mini due to loss of members. I wonder why do I have to approve every discussion on forum? It's annoying as most of my members are living 7hrs different from my location. The have to wait for hrs before me approve the discussion. Can NING please remove this?

    • I did not know this kind of restriction. I am an enthusiast of Ning Mini as an intranet for small businesses,  but this restriction complicates the picture.

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  • Awesome!!!!  I've been using this for my class and the lack of knowing it was posted  was a real problem for some students.

    Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you very much! It really feel good! Hurray! :)

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you !!! I have never cared for the approval of blogs, and had several of my members complain about it. I know this will be a great asset to my site again to allow members to freely post without having to have their blogs approved !

    Patience does pay off. I knew you guys would come around in good time. Thank you so much !! : D

  • Thank you for listening to our requests!  I'm so happy to see this change be made.  I'm a college educator who has used Ning for several years in my teaching.  I find it simply the best, most intuitive peer-to-peer learning environment that supports rich media and provides privacy options.  The change to make blog moderation an option will not only lighten my workload but ensure my students are empowered to be trusted contributors of our community.


    I am also authoring a book for Routledge titled "Best Practices for Teaching with Emerging Technologies" and will be featuring my own experiences with Ning and the feedback of my students.


    I have shared the news with my own network on my blog.



    Michelle Pacansky-Brock

    • Glad that we could change this for you, and thanks for being so vocal about this need.
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