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Cleanup on creators network

You might have noticed some old comments and posts being removed from the main thread and we wanted to give you a bit of an explanation regarding this.

We would like to keep creators community as relevant as possible so we have decided to do some late "spring cleaning" content wise. We try not to touch anything that could still be viable to our members, or the information that is relevant and useful, but since this is the place to share knowledge and experience or ask for advice we had to remove some unrelated treats (like the bug reports from 2011) and move old but maybe still useful discussions here.

If you wish to bring some of them back to the main thread please contact me in private.

Best wishes,

Ning Team.

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  • Yes, your new Archive section containing all the older Creators discussions (including many concerning Ning 2.0 tips) is perfect.  Thank you for the sub-LINK in the Forum top link, which makes it easy to access them.  And I checked and all those archived discussions do get searched if one is looking for a particular subject on the main search of Creators.  So as far as I am concerned, this is good!  Please just do not delete all the archived discussions, at least as long as people are still using Ning 2.0.

    Thank you for listening to our concerns.

    • Hi Tom,

      I'm glad that we have come to a consensus. Sure, I won't be removing the old discussions.

      Best regards,

      Ning team.

  • It's a big big big spring cleaning!
    You have deleted 25000 threads. There are 834 left!

    You write "If you wish to bring some of them back to the main thread please contact me in private." It is not feasible possible to list all that deserves to be put back in the main thread. The discussions that appear first in your list seem to me useful for most.

    • Hi there!

      I wouldn't say they were deleted as you may still see them.

      Anyway, let's review several of the discussions listed first on the let's call it archived thread. The first one regarding the changes in browsers policies related to the https encryption of the sites, there is the similar discussion  here. The second discussion which is related to the Facebook integration bug, as the bug has been fixed in my opinion there is no need to keep it in the main thread. Also, there are lots of teh discussions related to the 2.0 networks selling and buying and as I know the network has been already sold (as the person who sold the network left creators and filled the reason field). The issue with iframes also being fixed and all suggestions to add new supported video resources have been filed in the task tracking system. The only thing that seems to be very useful for 2.0 networks has been highlighted in this post here, however, I'm not sure whether the discussion should continue regarding this or not as basically the solution has been found.

      I know that when I have looked through all these 29k discussions last month I could miss something useful that still could be discussed, however, I have tried my best to bring everything useful to the main thread (including the discussion started a long time ago back in 2011 if they are still relevant). So let's do next if you don't mind, we will keep old discussions in the separated thread as was offered by one of the NCs here so they still could be used in order to find helpful information from the past.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

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      • So let's do next if you don't mind, we will keep old discussions in the separated thread as was offered by one of the NCs here so they still could be used in order to find helpful information from the past.

        If you do that you must provide a link that is easy to access, in the top menu under Forum... perhaps called "Archived Discussions".  Without a main navigation link, no one will be able to find it after the thread listing your link to older discussions become old.  This is especially important to Creators who still have 2.0 sites that they customize with code and tips they get from those older discussions.  

        In my opinion deleting 97% of all older Creators forum discussions (keeping only 834 out of 25,000 threads... a mere 3.3%) does harm to all longtime customers still on 2.0 networks.  Those threads full of tips, codes, fixes, and generally useful advice represent a huge amount of hard work and generosity freely given by Creators and previous Ning employees.  Please do not delete everything that has gone before, one person cannot possibly know all the content in those thousands of threads that is still critically useful for 2.0 owners. Many people still use the old tips and codes posted in those years-old threads. Storage is cheap.  Just put it all on an archived location with an easily seen sub-link under the main Forum navigation link at top of Creators. 

        Maybe I am misunderstanding what you plan to do?- but please do not actually delete/trash thousands of discussions... rather just put them in an archived location where we can always access them, and provide an easily seen link to them that is in the Creators Forum navigation sub-links.  Thank you!   :)

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        • Hi Tom,

          Basically, initially I have planned to remove old and outdated discussions, however, the thought has come in my mind that something useful could be removed as well, so in order to prevent the situation when something cannot be changed, I have decided to just separate the old discussions for a while that might still be useful for somebody and give you the chance to choose among them which of them you wish to keep. The discussions in archive hasn't been picked just based on the time they were posted, I have had to look through all discussions on the forum as the result 4k of discussions have been removed, no worries those you won't miss as they haven't had any code or tips, there were only old bug reports plus suggestions to add something new that were already done, also some old announcements which are no longer relevant. 

          Anyway, as far as I have understood the option to choose discussions you wish to keep is not acceptable, so the only option left if to keep them as an archive, of course, I'll create the sub tab for them and if there would be any activity there, I'll transfer the discussion to the main thread.

          I hope that this solution would be satisfactory for the creators.

          Best regards,

          Ning Team.


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