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Coming Soon: Upgrade of jQuery Library

In the next week or two, we will release an upgrade to the Ning version of the jQuery JavaScript library. The Ning platform will move from jQuery 1.2.6 to the latest version, 1.6.2. We intend to track and upgrade to future releases of jQuery fairly closely on an ongoing basis. Most Network Creators won't be interested in these technical details, but we wanted to let those who are interested know about the particulars of the upgrade. 

What is jQuery? 

We use jQuery for almost all of the JavaScript on Ning. jQuery enables every feature that works without reloading the page — from the Design Studio to the new Quick Add feature to posting status updates from the Main Page.

What does this upgrade mean?

  • All JavaScript on the site will become at least a little bit faster. For some features and some browsers, this will be quite noticeable.
  • Ning developers will have more (and better) tools to create future features. 
  • The version of jQuery available in custom code through the x$ global variable will change. This may have implications for any Ning-specific custom JavaScript you are running on your site.

Wait, what was that bit about "x$"?

Ning's version of jQuery is available to any JavaScript you add in Text Boxes or the Custom Code section of your site as x$. The behavior of this variable is about to change to match jQuery 1.6.2 instead of jQuery 1.2.6. Here are the biggest backwards-incompatible changes that have happened between 1.2.6 and 1.6.2:

  • The '@' in [@attr] has been removed.
  • Triggered events now bubble up the DOM.
  • jQuery.param(obj) execute obj's functions instead of converting them to a String.
  • jQuery() (with no arguments) no longer converts to jQuery(document).
  • .val(³Š²) on an option or a checkbox is no longer ambiguous (it will always select by value now, not by text value).
  • We are now strict about incoming JSON and throw an exception if we get malformed JSON.
  • The jQuery Team rewrote the whole jQuery AJAX module.  Method signatures have changed.
  • The introduction of the new .prop() method and the changes to the .attr() method.

If that all sounds like gobbledygook to you, there's almost no chance that you need to change anything! 

If you don't have any JavaScript that mentions "x$" then you don't need to change anything. Even if you do have that specific variable in your code, it won’t necessarily be affected. Note that if you are loading your own version of jQuery you don't need to change anything. 

Most Network Creators will not see or be affected by this upgrade (except for perhaps noticing a general speed-up in how your site functions), but we wanted to let our more technical-minded Network Creators know that this change is coming.

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  • Looks like the jQuery upgrade went very smoothly!

    There was one error in some code I once gave, which Speed Racer used and it caused a strange problem on his site, which is now fixed.  The problem was a missing close-parenthesis:   )

    Also I did have one instance of the need to change an attr to a prop.  Anyone having troubles with jQuery code relating to scrollHeight or check boxes or drop down lists should read up on prop:

    There was also a Ning code problem with the number of members in chat, seems they have found a way to fix that and it should be implemented tomorrow:

    Other than these small problems, things went well!

    Kudos to Ning for keeping us informed about this upgrade, and cheers to the jQuery team for making an awesome javascript library that just keeps getting better!

    Best wishes!



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      • Hi Diane,

        That particular code is unaffected; I don't use .attr() in it.  I was just saying that, in general, if a strange problem pops up in someone's site and it has to do with check boxes or lists, then it could be because of the jQuery update.  Those are 2 page elements more likely to have .attr() code associated with them, which may now need to be changed to .prop() if an error has now popped up.  Just a general advisary for any jQuery coders who happen to see this. :-)



  • I've looked at several Ning networks tonight and they all seem to have the new jQuery 1.6.2 running on them.  Only one minor problem on my network so far, when viewed with IE and FF, but I have reports of entire jQuery apps not working at all using Google Chrome.  I haven't had a chance to test it yet but I will, tomorrow.  Anyone else have any problems with Chrome?


    By the way, if you are wondering if you have the new jQuery 1.6.2 on your network, View Source and look for:

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


    If you look at that js file, you will see that it does load the 1.6.2 jQuery library:

    * jQuery JavaScript Library v1.6.2

    Best wishes to all!

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      • Thanks Diane!

        Very sweet of you to let me know about that other thread, much appreciated!!! smile.gif


  • It seems the version 1.6.2 is now working on my Network (since a couple of hours).

    Until now the only malfuction I spotted is due to the fact that I omitted double quotes in several Attribute selectors.

    E.g. I had around expressions like x$('a[href$=/profiles/members/advancedSearch]').hide();

    instead of x$('a[href$="/profiles/members/advancedSearch"]').hide();

    Easlily corrected.

    If other NCs spot similar issues, it would be nice to let know here.

    • Hey, Franco! You are sharp! We have, in fact, begun to roll out the new version of JQuery, so thanks for your report. We had a private group of folks who did some additional testing last week, and the results were quite good. As you say, if anyone thinks they see something related to this, let us know. 

      • ive noticed this

        1064549501.png?width=721no there are xxxx users online

        (typicaly 15-30 sometimes up to 50-60)


        only when u pop it open do u see

        1064549506.png?width=721and the number signed into chats way way way lower then usual


        and every so often ..the chat sdont want to pop up when i click it


        i think this is related?


  • Hey, folks. We are getting closer to this JQuery upgrade. I know a few of you are worried that you might have some code that could be affected by the upgrade. I've set up a private group here on Creators, and I am going to invite a few people who want to try out the new JQuery on their network before it's released to everyone. If you are interested in being part of that group, shoot me a private message, and I will add you and turn it on for your network. You may also hear from me separately, but I thought I would give those who are participating in this discussion a quick shout about it since you're probably in some way interested in the upgrade. 

    Anyway, totally up to you, so send me a private message if you want to join. 

  • unas pregunta ¿como sera esta actualización? ¿sera que los usuarios verán en tiempo real lo que otros les comentan,, en su estado, blog, fotos, les caerá una notificación notable aunque no estén en su perfil? no se ¿como un cuadro de notificación de lo que han hecho en su contenido?, y bueno gracias por las mejoras que han realizado a todos los miembros de la red que administro les encanta las mejoras que han colocado ustedes

  • is the date for this upgrade known yet?

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