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When we released the new Design Studio, some Network Creators were excited but not yet ready to commit to a new, updated theme without the opportunity for their members to customize their profile pages (My Page). Today, we’re happy to report that if you were one of those Network Creators, you can now give your members the ability to customize their own corner of your network.

We’ve now released the Design Studio for member pages. It’s an opt-in feature, and you have three levels of control you can choose to give your members: Theme (for picking a new theme), Customize (for customizing the theme), and Advanced (for adding CSS). It's up to you which of these panels to unlock for your members, and you can always change your mind after experimenting if you like from the Member Controls page on your Dashboard.

We’re very excited about this release, and we want to thank those of you who have jumped in to try it out. We’d especially like to thank those of you who have taken the time to provide feedback and report any bugs to us via a ticket from your Support link. Those kinds of reports are helpful with any new release, so thanks for being so quick to try out this new feature! If you’re already using the Design Studio, you’ll see a message that prompts you to consider turning it on for your members.

We’ve also included the option to send a Broadcast Message if you’d like to tell your members about their new options. If you’re not using the Design Studio, consider trying it out from the Beta section of your Dashboard.

As with any release, we will have a few bugs to iron out. We’ll be releasing an update to the Design Studio later today, and we’ll weigh in here in this discussion once that has been made live. The Design Studio is still a beta release, so we’ve taken care to make all of these features opt-in. And, if you find that it isn’t working for you, you can turn it off, which will simply return your network (and your members’ profiles) back to its former state.

We hope you enjoy trying out this new feature and having your members get creative with their profile pages.

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  • Can you please tell me WHY the CSS codes I had for the old network do not work with the design Studio?

  • Ning design is not accepting old themes CSS or any things. and on whole web m feelin alone with ning desing studio.. NING Should Fix CSS issues .m facing alot the. No old CSS scripts working.

  • If I enable the new design editor, will it keep all of the existing profile page customizations that my members have made?
    • Hey, Kyle. You might want to check out our FAQ page about this. Your members' customizations won't move over, but you can switch back if you don't like it, and they'll still be there.
  • Eric,


    I figured out what I was doing wrong.  I take most of the blame but also, not so intuitive - the fact that out of developer mode, changes aren't immediately in place when you publish there. Otherwise, all is good!



  • does the new design studio have more themes to choose from?
  • Since we changed to Dessign Studio , in Developer Mode, we have lost the feature to customize the profile pages. We are not allowed to remove rss , video  , photo , text box and many other. We run out of developer mode and the problem was still there.
    I have submited a ticket and have not any response about that issue. You can see my awful current page at: .


    Is there someone that knows how can I delete all those boxes in my profile page ?



    • Hello, setxi. I think I have found your ticket, and it appears that Ioana has been working with you. She did respond. In fact, she responded to her last on April 29th. You did not respond to her after that date. You can simply respond to her email to keep working with her to solve this issue.
      • This was my answer on 29th
        I not explaining well my problem. Please visit these profile pages:
        Fxstreet profile page has more boxes than the others. In the old layout every user was able to add text boxes, videos and many other features . Users were also able to delete those boxes in the settings page. 
        Now we can not do that, we can not add or delete boxes from ourself profile pages. And this is a big problem for us.
        If we revert the layout to the old one (not advanced) we will be able to allow our user to manage their profile pages ? Are they able to do it with the advanced layout? I'm not talking about dessign features, just about deleting boxes (we can move them but not delete them. 
        I have tried it with safari, ie9, ie7, ie6 , firefox , opera .. every one in the office have tried to do it and nobody has been able to )
        I haven't any answer on that. Every profile page in our network is the presentation page of our contributors. We choose Ning for this feature that allow us to use this as a promotion page without spamming the users in every single post. 
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