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How Do You Reward or Spotlight Your Admins?

I've seen people ask from time to time how they can better recruit admins. Obviously, being able to spot power users is one aspect of going about it, but I suspect that how you present admins can be one of the most important ways to both attract new admins and build a strong "inner circle" of people on a network who really feel like part of a family, a community. 

So, I ask: Is there anything you do on your network that seems to work well? Do you list them on a standalone page? Do you feature them on the Main Page? Do you invite them to brunch? Shower them with kisses? Inaugurate them with an online party? My hope is that by sharing a few examples we can inspire each other and maybe give someone who needs some admins a few ways to go about it.

What, exactly, do you do to pump up, reward, and show your admins how wonderful they are? 

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  • I  never spotlight a administrator and they get small gifts from me from time to time. I do spotlight a members page once a month. I have a tab under the main tab that says spotlight, There it will go to that member's page.

    I have all my adminstrators mailing addresses and l send them gifts.

  • LOL, I had my one admin person set before I even set up my site. One of the things he suggested is that we didn't feature ourselves (as members, pics, videos). His point was that since our names would show up a lot more in activity anyways, it would be best to feature the non-admin type so everyone would have a chance in the spotlight.

    I do feature some of my posts if it pertains to the site functions.

  • I Award them With a Physical Gift like Iphone Laptop etc. after 1 year. Today after 2 years of my ntwork m awarding Laptop :D.. This Admin worked with me from 1st day . (small gift)

  • I give them free toys from time to time.

    Most of my Admins are under 18yo. Last year I let one maintain pages for a particular fansite, providing important content. Another abusive user tricked the Admin into providing his password, and then proceeded to delete all the page work.

    That site no longer has any Admins!

    Here is the "trick" line that was used to gain a password. "My account was deleted. Can I use your password so I can say good bye to my friends?"

  • My Administrators and l have a private group where we chat and get to know each other.We have exchanged telephone numbers. They are spotlight on the Administrators page. Also, l send them gifts on their BD.  l have a small site and not many administrators, but they are just the greatest.

    We take votes as to what would work best, l include them into some discussions that will best work with our site, and l make them feel like it is their site, because they are the life blood of my site. I would be lost without them.

    And l let them know just how much they mean to me. They are like family to me!

  • We showcase our admins in a text box on the right-side column, as you can see here:


    • Can you post a link to your site so I can see it in action?  Do you have to do this manually to make any changes?  Ex.  add image, add text, add link...or is there a quicker way to do it?  Thanks!

  • I have a sub tab on my network that has all the admin.profile URL and name so they can be contacted on the Contact Us page.

    I also have a special private group that allows the admin. to talk etc. without member Interference.

    I showcase them one at a time on the Maine page as Admin. of the week with their Photo and profile URL.

    • Yes I also besides the slide above as I said we have our private HQ Chat for Admins en Mods I also added an Addonchat room for the Admin..

      I also added  a Tab with Staff profiles on en how to contact us..

    • We use Google Groups for conversations within the Admin team.

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