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A lof of people ask us about the "slider" on Creators at the top of our Main Page. They love it. We do, too!

A slider (sometimes also called a "carousel"or "hero" box) automatically rotates in and out promotional content. It's a very effective way to spotlight specific things on your network that you want returning members (and visitors) to notice and visit. You could also use a slider like this to run your own ads, particularly if you have lined up sponsors or advertisers directly and can create an ad for them. It looks like this: 

I know that a number of Network Creators are going to flip over this new slider we've created. It's free for the taking, so check out this article on Adding a Slider to see if it's something you'd like to put on your network.

You will need to be able to upload the images you want to display, and you can do that with the File Manager (among other ways). You will also need to be able to look at some HTML, but these instructions are straightforward and should be doable for most Network Creators. If you're unsure about how to do it, you might want to try it out first on your test network and then paste the final code into a Text Box on your live network. 



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  • Hello,

    I don't have the option to upload my images using the File Manager.  Is there another way I can upload my images.   I tried copying the image URL and placing it in the HTML code but it doesn't seem to work.  How should I do this?

    • Hey Donna:

      To load photos, go to the page where the slider is. Click the edit link which is in he upper right corner of your slider.  Once you do this, click on he image you want to replace, then at the bottom left of the image, an option will apear saying "image: edit|delete." Click edit, then it will give you an option to choose to load pix from a url which is a web address to where the photo is, or the option next to it on top that says "from my computer", select that one. Then find the image on your PC and load it up. The image has to be a set pixel size, or it will be either too big or too small. Hope this helps. 

      When you want to upgrade from this, move to the WOW Slider. It's much better, just more complicated. I'm adding it to my site today, We're an online magazine. 


  • Kudos to Ejiasi.

    Can anyone tell me how to position the black box overlay? Here is my site to see the issue.

    Pardon if this has already been addressed here.

    • Hi Richard,

      You need to crop slide three to the same height of slides one and two. The position of the overlay is in relation to the bottom of the image.


      • Thank you James. That was too easy.

        Happy Holidays to you and your family.

        • "You're welcome" what I tried to post before! Don't know where the rest went. LOL!   Have a happy and safe holiday, too!

        • Y

  • So I get the instructions on how to do this, but when I try to load the photos that I want, it comes out all messed up. can anyone help? I know that it is when I change the html coding, but im lost!!!

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