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Hey There!

I wanted to let you know about a new program we’re starting today here on Creators: Ning Superstars. It’s a way for us, the employees of Ning, to recognize some of the most dynamic people here on Creators. 

This incarnation of the Creators Network has been going strong for well over a year now, and there’s a big reason Creators has been so successful — the number of people here who like to help. We’re close to 20,000 members now, with over 13,000 discussions started. Amazingly, most of those discussions have replies, and a good many of them have some long and helpful conversations embedded in them. Why? Because so many people here on Creators pitch in and lend their expertise to those who may be new to Ning, those stuck with a puzzler of custom code they can’t make work, or those in need of advice about how they should approach a new project or idea. We’d like to — in some small way — say “thank you” to some of these folks. Or even better: “You’re awesome!” 

Ning Superstars is all about rewarding those Network Creators who have always offered superb tips, winning advice, smart ideas, and insightful commentary here on Creators. We’ve created a page here on Creators to spotlight Ning Superstars who we think deserve a handshake, a high five, and a big pat on the back for simply being awesome. As a small way of saying thanks for sharing their great advice and ideas, we’ll give each Ning Superstar three months of a Ning Pro subscription for their current network, a new network, or any other network of their choice. We’ll add additional Network Creators from time to time to this roster of Ning Superstars, so if you are one of the folks who pitch in and help around here a lot, you might be next. 

Some of these Ning Superstars are here to run a business, some to satisfy a hobby, and some just like to make new things. All of them are clearly Superstars. We encourage you to let them know how awesome they really are!

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  • 3192017?profile=originalThis is AWESOME! Thanks for doing this. It's always great to be appreciated and I really appreciate Superstars who give much of their time to those who have so little time... and yet, the Superstars have little time themselves!

    Thanks Superstars!


  • I like Ning and like to thank everyone here for all the help and insights.

    Blessings and love

  • Jens Social really deserves this place! They are truly wonderfully helpful over there. They go out of their way to help and assist and the tips for your sites are awesome. The wealth of info on the site is second to none. 

    I really do not know what Ning would do without Jens Social and feel there should be some sort of commission going their way for the service they provide for Ning. Just brilliant and we are so grateful we found you Jen. Thanks a million times over for doing what you do so well. 



    • Lisa,

      I don't mean to copy you here but, you said what many of us *SHOULD* be saying so, I HAVE to second you on your post about Jens Social. Indeed, if we were limited to only 10 or 20 groups to join on Ning, Jens Social would be one of the groups I'd definitely like to keep on my list.  The energy and feel and layout conceptualization are all good to witness - and - to learn from...


      Thanks for saying what a lot more people should be saying about Jens Social, Lisa...


      Keep STRONG!

      +Vincent Wright

      • NC for Hire
        Wow again. Thank you Vincent!
      • Hey - thank you for saying it too!!!...You are so right it is the energy and kindness that resonates for sure. You also put into words what I was feeling on this. The cool thing is that there is a whole lot offered for free in there, then once all that is mastered we can upgrade to the VIP lounge as we get better at understanding coding etc etc.... Jen has thought of everything. .... Namaste Jen!!! :)
    • NC for Hire

      Hi Lisa,

      Wow, I can't exactly not respond to this. Thank you! May I ask your member name on JenSocial? Forgive me that it's not hitting me.

      Thanks again, truly appreciate your kind words.


      • Sure it is 'Pearlz' - I am so grateful for all the help I received in a matter of hours of putting up a question. I was amazed at the quick response. Thank you very very much! I am so pleased to have found your site.
  • NC for Hire
    what might one do to become a superstar?
    • JFarrow: Be super. You're consistently pretty super. 

      This whole thing isn't designed to be a contest, so I certainly don't want anyone to feel obligated to do any more than they already do (which is already pretty impressive). It's more of a way for Ning employees to highlight people who provide great tips, product suggestions, useful advice, encouragement, that kind of stuff -- which is all admittedly very subjective. The advocacy team here are the ones who will informally choose ongoing Superstars. We'll try to keep up the pace and spotlight someone new every few weeks.

      (I also think this is a really great way to spotlight people who create and develop networks as a business or side business. As Ning evolves, I think a noble goal would be to foster more of a "marketplace" vibe for NCs who use Ning for business purposes. Always open to ideas about how to better do that.)

      Vincent: I was just thinking of you this weekend and wondering how you were doing. Very glad to see you here. Keep STRONG! 

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