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Network Accessibility Update II

It appears Tuesday’s changes had a positive impact on system availability and a significant reduction in 500 error’s.  From here on out, we'll be cleaning out the backlog of reported bugs.  Once caught up, we will address missing functionality in Ning 3.0, release new features, and restart the Ning 2.0 to Ning 3.0 migration process.  Please stay tuned for further updates!

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  • Please note that I DO NOT WANT TO MIGRATE!

    • Hey Cat, we are actually not forcing migrations! We will simply be opening up the option once again for those creators that are wanting to move their content over. Before providing this again, we will be rolling out some much requested features first!

      • Oh that's great to know!!!!  I'll be 70 soon, and can tell you for a fact that learning new (even wonderful) things can be stressful and difficult to digest and remember.

        I'm with Kos, and Jords about having someone on this site moderating our comments, and thank you for taking the time. 

        • You're so welcome, Cat! Happy to help where I can! :)

    • I didn't have the time to list why, on the post above, but will do so now.  I've been running Ning 2.0 for 8 years and when the price hike was announce, I set up to a 3.0 trial site for about 3 weeks.  To me, 3.0 is a downgrade.  I lost the ability to set the HTML view to code, rather than display.  Although Kos says there is a way to set up "text boxes" in 3.0, I was unable to find it easily.  I lost some line-item font manipulation (I'm almost 70 so my memory's not so great) but can't remember just where that was.  The biggest and most important to me, is the loss of Video.  While still able to show some video thru a 3rd party outlet (YouTube) there is no facility for uploading or deleting them.  I run a gaming site and that's an absolute necessity.  

      I've also found that the site size monitor on both 2 and 3.0 is way off and if you intend to charge for the space used, you also need to set up the ability to delete files after upload.  This is not the case, with your use of the API: 80 image dump. I've kept all image code for my site in my database, and have for 8 years.  While most of what is there as been deleted off the running site, over time, the images are still available, by just inserting the code onto a page in the site, meaning there is no way to delete that space usage, leaving me without the ability to get my usage under the 10GB limit.  Here is an example: While on the 3.0 site I uploaded this image, and kept the code.  The site is defunct now, but the image code still remains, and this personal graphic of a pen and ink banana plant was never uploaded to my current site. 


  • I'm have problems with nav bar when I'm on my mobile iPhone. When will this be fix? Some time it will not go to the next page.
    • Hey Dan, have you submitted a ticket about this? I'm happy to follow up with the team member that is investigating it and let you know what the status is. Thanks!

    • Dan you should file a ticket.  They're not 'responding' to questions in the forums

  • Great news!

  • I filed a ticket on Saturday as well due to missing content  and feeds not updating.

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