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Network Creators are generally a friendly bunch, but in the past they’ve been limited in the number of outstanding, pending friend requests they can have at one time. Traditionally, that limit has been set at 100 pending friend requests.

Extra-friendly Network Creators who have wanted to invite more people on their networks to be their friend have had to periodically — manually — clear out these pending requests. To make this process more convenient and to encourage Network Creators to be extra-friendly, we’ve increased this limit from 100 pending friend requests to an unlimited number of friend requests. We’re extending this to Admins and member moderators as well.

This is a simple change that should continue to limit spammy activity, while simultaneously getting out of the way of Network Creators and Admins who want to increase their own bonds with their members.

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  • Would it be possible to have the opportunity to extend this feature to selected members, in addition to NCs, Admin and Member moderators?

    Or, alternatively, to add the possibility to raise the pendig requests limit for ordinary members as well? (within resonable limits, say up to 200)

    We have a network that is strongly based on friendship and several "community manager" members would deserve a slightly higher limit (but I would prefer not to have to promote them as member moderators to achieve this).


  • Very cool. Thanks.

  • I think this is in response to those who think that friendships are unnecessary.
    I was trying to invite members to participate in the different groups in my network,but I could only invite my friends, the option to invite all members of the network does not exist for the groups.

    • @Alejandra +1

  • hi eric, its awesome, and here i would like to share my thinking also with this forum. Please allow the creators and their members to send unlimited invitation to their contact list. this is the only way to improve our sites.

  • Cheers bud:o)

  • Great, thank you

  • What ...This is awesome...THANK YOU!

  • Great idea, thanks

  • Cool thanks

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