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Today, we're excited to unveil the Aviary Extension, a tool that can increase your member engagement and inject fun and utility into networks that use the Photos feature. It’s available for Plus and Pro networks. 

Aviary provides a suite of creative online tools to help people create — and improve upon — photos, designs and audio clips. This Ning Extension allows you and your members to edit photos directly inside the page. You can apply useful tweaks like cropping and red-eye reduction; edit the contrast, brightness and colors; add text to photos; and — if you’re feeling creative or playful — you can add “stickers” as an overlay to put mustaches, hats and tons of other fun items directly onto the images of people in your photos.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, imagine how many more words your members will share when confronted with fun pictures like this: 

Even more useful and fun: Your members can use the Ning Aviary Extension to apply these types of transformations to their profile photos, if they wish.

To activate the Aviary Ning Extension, just head to your network dashboard and visit the Ning Extensions page (under Tools). Once there, click “Activate” to turn it on. 

Now, whenever you hover your mouse over photos you are able to edit, you’ll see an option for Photo Stickers & Effects. Clicking that link will start up Aviary’s editor and encourage you to apply updates, transformations and filters to your photo. Once you’ve completed the changes you want to make, click on Save and the modified photo will be saved back to the network.

We’ve got additional information on the Aviary Extension in this Help Center article

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  • but the photo effects does not stay after you refresh the page ?

  • would be good if we could change aviary popup's design, as its not matching with site's design :(

    • i have added the hat for a member, i am curious if they gonna complain ?


  • Sounds great - I just don't have a Ning Extensions link on the dashboard/ Tools .

  • Once again it seems that this very cool thing is not available to network administrators like me.... Can the creator for the network give me access to it so I can play around with it?

    • Hi Deb,

      The network creator will need to activate Aviary from the Ning Extensions page under My Network > Tools.

  •  All I can Say Is a Very BIG 3198515?profile=original
  • LOL, I just tested this on a member's photo.  I didn't realize it would alter the original - oh well, hehe


  • Great fun and pretty useful! Up and running on my network :-)
  • Love this feature!
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