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Ning 2Q 2017 plan!

Most of you have asked us about Product plan for the nearest future. And here it is! 

For the last couple of months we’ve been listening to you very carefully, gathering and analyzing all your feedbacks to make Ning platform a better place for you and your members.

So here is the list of functions we are going to release in Q2.

1) Making Ning 3.0 as functional as Ning 2.0:
- Paid Access. Probably the most expected feature that will be much better and way more functional than the previous version.
- Chats. Basically, they are live now, but in Q2 this option will be upgraded to the next level.
- Audio. The basic feature with basic performance.

2) Completely new features:
- Polls. You will be able to ask different questions, receive immediate feedback from your customers and make research you need in order to evolve your platform.
- Member ranking system. To encourage, motivate and engage your members, as well as develop your community.

3) Some upgrades are coming for both platforms:
- Disk usage is going to be visible for all creators to manage your space and resources.
- Broadcast messages will become more functional, with a bunch of new settings for you and your members.

4) Our brand new redesigns are also coming to push Ning to a new era not only functionally, but visually as well:
- redesign is live now and you can check it out on
- and Ning corporate blog will try out new outfits this quarter too.

5) New migration script. Those who would like to migrate from Ning 2.0 to Ning 3.0 to use more benefits would be able to do that easily.

6) System monitoring. 99,9% of uptime monitoring is now done, which gives us the opportunity to keep everything under control, and provide you with better and better service.

7) Hardware renovation plan, that our tech team is currently working on, is going to be ready by the end of Q2.

If you have any ideas on how to improve our service and you are willing to share your thoughts don't hesitate to email us at
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      • Hi there,

        Thanks for bringing our attention to this.

        We have the person who is working under actualizing of the information on creators and on our other social media channels I'll let her know that the info you have mentioned should be actualized.


        Ning Team.

  • Looking forward to it.  Thank you for bringing us up to speed.

    • Ning Status Blog has not been updated since last year, but I have a major problem to report.  As of May 1st, Ning 2.0 (on three of the 4 browsers I have) has been unable to show my site in the the normal resolution.  It shows as a big mess of LEFT justified graphics (with links - no tabs).  If you're on Chrome, I.E. or Firefox you can check it out E-TV  (It may appear normal if you're on Safari)

      I checked another 2.0 site RhettandLinKommunity (I found from a post in here) and they are showing the same problem.  On the May 1st ticket I submitted, I was told that it was my Chrome browser creating the problem and so I followed Alex and Vladimir's suggesting to delete my history and cookies.  This did not help.  In desperation yesterday I installed Safari, which is the only browser I could find that allows me to post my site without dealing with 16 page downs from top to bottom. I reported the problem to Alex again though Ning Support chat on May 4th, who said I would be contacted by email but that has not happened. 

      If you're running 3.0 here's a glimpse of what the normal and current pages look like.


      Normal View Current View

      TV and Movie Buffs From All Generations
      • I am the primary Administrator of the RhettandLinKommunity you mentioned--- have seen no issues on either PC or the mobile view in recent weeks so it is likely just an issue with your computer.
        TV and Movie Buffs From All Generations
      • Looks good to me as well.  Clear your browsers cache or see if there's a browser update.  Hey, as a suggestion, you may want to consider widening your layout.  Here's George's tip on how.  Good luck!

        (TIP) Ning 2.0 responsive fullwidth network at any screen resolution. :O Cellphones to TV's ;)
        Updated 4-26-2016 v5 All the features of Ning 2.0 with  Ning 3.0 responsiveness.. ;) This code has been updated. It'll work on any layout but it wor…
      • Hi Cat,

        I'm on Ning 2, and I've been having some issues from time to time, but not like yours. Your site looks OK to me, however. Here's a screenshot. I'm on a Mac and this is the latest Chrome:

        TV and Movie Buffs From All Generations
        • The image display is compressed here vertically, probably because I took a shot of your entire page. Click to the actual view.

          TV and Movie Buffs From All Generations
          • Thanks guys. Steve C thanks for the full screen shot. Kos, the first thing I did was follow their instructions and deleted all of my chrome browser and cookie history. (boo hoo) That's not the problem.  As of today, my Chrome is back and the Safari is now on-again-off again.  However, the I.E. and Firefox are still way outta whack! 

            Kevin Acosta, I hope I didn't step on any toes, I was just looking to see if it was a 2.0 vs. 3.0 problem and found your site.  Your screens (when I viewed them) were all aligned left in single file like mine, but if you didn't notice a disturbance in your ability to post...good for you.  I certainly hope my Chrome stays workable cuz Safari is a poor substitute and much slower.  I also hope that someone will start keeping up the Status Blog again.

            TV and Movie Buffs From All Generations
            • No problem at all. Everything looks fine to me on both my site and yours, even with MS Explorer on my corporate laptop.

              NUMEROUS and continual issues with the old Ning / ModeMedia regime, but relatively smooth sailing since the buyout.

              Hoping that your problem gets back in shape soon.
              TV and Movie Buffs From All Generations
            • Cat,

              I still get everything aligned left every now and then, but it typically loads the page correctly within a few seconds. I wonder if it's the speed of the browser, the speed and distance of the server your site is hosted on, or both.

              Chrome is the fastest, IE and Firefox often slow, and Safari in between. 

              If you live unusually far from the server your site is hosted on, or if the connection is a little slow at some point(s) that could be it, too.

              TV and Movie Buffs From All Generations
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