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Ning Q3 2017 plan!

When building up a plan for Q3, we based our roadmap on your feedback and suggestions, which we have been gathering and analyzing over the previous quarter. Aligning the list of the most sought-after features and your vision of our product with our planned development direction, we decided to focus on the following updates in Q3:

Improvements of Ning platform`s functionality:

  • Paid Access. The full release of this update will include Stripe integration in response to your feedback. Network creators will be able to set paid access to certain sections of their networks, monetize specific content (events, webinars, user-generated content with high rating), and get donations.

  • Audio. Many of you claimed the priority of this update, so this functionality will be delivered soon.

  • Release of Polls feature.  After the release of Search, this functionality often got listed among top priorities for the development. We remember that we promised to get it to you, so our dev team is already working on it.

We will also be adding smaller updates that you were asking for on Creators Network, such as:

  • Facebook integration

  • HTML5 (instead of Flash player)

  • Design studio tweaks

  • UI/UX improvement for mobile devices

Another aspect that we will touch upon is the overall usability of the product. We are already working in multiple directions in this regard - starting with Blog redesign.

Remember Kyryl, our Support Manager, who is always there for you whenever you have any questions? We tried to talk him out of it, but he could not resist reworking the Creators network for you, to improve its usability in accordance with your feedback. Yay to another part-time developer on the team - and condolences to his free time :)

That being said, have you ever wanted to join Ning team to steer the development process? Ready to jump into planning our upcoming releases with us? We’ll be back with this unprecedented opportunity soon - be the first to test pilot it!

If you have any suggestions on how to improve our service or you need help, please feel free to contact us via email or live chat. Follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter ( to stay fully informed about all upcoming updates.

Thank you for staying with us and inspiring our development!


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  • Yes Facebook integration is a must, much easier to invite people...assuming that ability is added

  • I hate to add negativity but, what happened to Member ranking system, the migration script and Broadcast messages??

    I have been waiting to migrate my members without loosing my content for a while. We started the conversation and i sincerely thought this would be worked on.  

    Member Ranking I thought was going to be released this quarter also. I dont know how we pickup issues and drop them so quick without completion. Don't be all over the place.

    • Hi there!

      I hope you have some coffee near by as this would be the long reply :-)

      Basically, we are not stopping the development of the migration script at the moment. There are several tech issues with transferring of the custom design and some part of the content and we want to make this works fast and without huge delays. By the way, as you wish to migrate your network we can use your network as the test one when the migration script would be completed just let me know if you don't mind us doing so.

      Regarding the members ranking system, it wasn't mentioned in Q3 plan as in order to implement this feature it's necessary to make changes in the architecture of the platform, in other words, it's pretty big and complicated changes and we are not able to guarantee that they would be done in Q3, but we will try our best to make them happen in Q3, we just don't want to give false promises.

      Right now broadcast messages feature allows you to send the HTML templates, for example, you can use any service that provides you with the possibility to create custom email (or you can use the ready made templates, or if you are good in HTML you can create them by yourself) then copy the HTML of it and paste in text field on the broadcast messages tab, and finalizing the changes there. We would try to release several huge updates of this feature like click tracker or integration of the third party mailing systems but we are not able to promise that they would be completed in Q3 for sure.

      Thanks for reading all this, and please let me know if you have any questions I'll be glad to help.

      Best regards,

      Ning team.

      • I am ready to be the first for the migration script

        • Hi there!

          Thanks for your willingness to help! 

          When all preparations would be made and the trial run on test networks would be successful, we will contact you back via email that has been used to join creators network if you don't mind.

          Best wishes,

          Ning Team. 

    • There's a broadcast email option.

  • Hello Kyryl ... the audio ... and private message to all members ... can this evolve ... be tools to transform and open doors to the field of life social network ning ... will be to see ... Greetings Kyryl ...

    Thank ...

    • Hi Manuel!

      As you may see the audio feature has been included in the Q3 plan so it would be released soon and there is not much time left to wait.

      By the way, a small update regarding the ability to send a private message to all network members. Managers really liked your idea and they would try to include it in our schedule if that is possible based on the time it will take to implement such changes.

       Best regards,

      Ning Team.

      • i hope we are given an option to turn that off. Because the musicians on my site will loose their mind email blasting everyone. And then again what about spam. Maybe this should have an option to promote a valued member to this status but not everyone. That may be more valuable

        • Hi there,

          Based on the description that has been given to me, this option would be available only to Network creators on the first stage, after such possibility also would be added to the admins of the network. So no worries regular members won't have access to it.

          Best regards,

          Ning Team.

This reply was deleted.