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Now Accepting More Applicants to the Design Studio Beta


[Note: The private beta has now closed. We'll be releasing the beta to everyone on February 9.]


Hello! For those of you who have already been accepted in the new Design Studio Beta, thank you for all the incredibly helpful reports. 

We're ready to open up the beta to a few hundred additional networks. If you'd like to join us before our official launch later next week, please fill out our form (see below).  

A few important details to consider before you join: 

  • This is a beta program, so please use your test network if you are uncomfortable trying out your regular network. 
  • If you are dead-set on having your members alter their My Page profile pages, you may want to sit this beta out. Switching to a new Design Studio Theme will remove any customizations your members have made to their profile page. 
  • If you prefer to try out the Design Studio on a Test Network, you will need to provide your Test Network URL when you fill out this form. 


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  • Thanks, everyone, for participating in this beta. We should be sending out the invites to the last batch of people this afternoon.
  • I was going to announce my network today but now i am waiting for design studio to be available.hope it'll be amazing ^^
  • Hi Eric

    Would love to have a play around with this. Site needs a revamp.



  • Im still not in
    • We added a batch on Friday and hope to add another group on Monday. We'd like to get as many people on board as possible, but we also want to keep our team on top of fixing whatever bugs we find with each group so we can be as responsive as possible to additional reports. Appreciate your patience.
  • NC for Hire

    Hi Eric,

    I was part of the original beta, on a test site. I reported this on the council site, and haven't heard back. I would like to move forward and continue testing - - on the test site if possible. When I try to access the test site, I receive a page full of errors. I've tried for days. I would also like to be invited to the group for reporting issues, I can not only help, but get a feel for what others feel about the Design Studio who are beta testing.



    • Sorry you're having issues. If you were part of an even earlier beta, I might need to have Nick get you set up in a special manner. Did you fill out this form we're linking to already?
      • NC for Hire

        No, LOL. I'll do that. And if it's too late, no biggie.



        • We'll get you in. Trying to get a new batch of folks in tomorrow morning.
  • just signed up, cant wait! i hope i get to try it out!
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