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If you’ve visited this week, you may have noticed that things look a little different. I’m happy to report that an extensive project to update how you access and view your account information has now been completed. This should make managing your Ning Network(s) easier and more convenient. Our hope is that you’ll find all the information you need if you have an account- or billing-related question. 

What’s new? Here’s a few things you’ll notice:

Billing & Payment

  • You can now very clearly see your account balance. 
  • We’ve included a status that lets you know when you are in “good standing” — when you have a $0 balance.  
  • Your Ning account name, email address, password, and payment method is summarized on the main page. 
  • Click the links to quickly and easily change any of these account details. 
  • Need to add, edit, or remove a payment option? Click the Manage Payment Options link to make changes or to set a new default payment method. 
  • If you change your payment method, you can validate your default payment method and make your account current with a new “Make Payment” feature.

My Networks 

We’ve moved the list of networks you’ve created to a separate tab so your billing info can be front and center. But, we’ve also added a few things to this page, including a way for you to change or cancel a plan.

Billing History

This is perhaps the best change — and the one you’ll probably find the most convenient: We’ve discontinued sending out invoices via email and put all of your invoices on one page. This includes past invoices going back to July 2010. You can come back at any time and check out the details. Want to download these invoices for your own records? Just click on the invoice number, and you’ll automatically download a PDF version of that invoice. Each invoice covers all of the networks you currently pay for (if you have more than one). 

If you have any trouble, we’ve also included a few different ways you can contact us with billing-related questions. Our hope is that this change to a more self-service approach will make it easier for you to take care of business when you need to.

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  • I failed to sign in at with my normal user name and password i.e creator as well other networks!

    • That doesn't sound good, Abdol. Note that you can now have different email addresses with the removal of Ning ID, so if you have more than one you might want to try that. But, if you're still having trouble, can you shoot us a ticket so we can check this closely?
  • Thank you. is there any option that we can allow our member to pay the bill for our website? if so, let me know how. thanks
  • Hi Thank you

    I have never known who to contact and it has always worried me I could loose all what I have done here. So please tell me how do I find out when the next payment is. I have not taken care of this myself, Justin Nassie put me on here and created this for me.  Is there anyway Ning can send reminders for when payment is due. Is it true if FI keep the numbers down on my guest list It will cost me less?

    Also I use to have option to edit comments, I do not have that option now. Is there a phone number to talk to someone?

    Thank you



    • Hey, Sandy! We have a phone number on that page at That line is devoted solely to billing issues. You also can look at your invoices on to see when your service starts and ends for any given period (month, year, etc.). I would recommend going to and checking it out. Most everything billing-related is on that page.

      If you're having a specific support issue, you can open up a ticket from the Support link on your Dashboard, and we'll try to pinpoint what might be wrong. 

      • I would imagine that a reminder email is sent out saying the year is done and it is time for another payment???
      • Thank you for responding. I went there and the following is what was written to me. I have not been able to get in.-----------There is no account with the email address Click here to sign up or sign in below with a different email address.
        • You are the Network Creator, correct? Hmmm. You should be able to sign in with your NC email address. If you can't, I would definitely recommend calling us on Monday to check on the billing details.
          • I could not find phone number can you please send it to me?
This reply was deleted.

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