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If you’ve been waiting to start generating revenue from your Ning Network, the wait is now over. Starting today, the optional Paid Access add-on is available to all of our customers — Mini, Plus & Pro. You’ll find it on your Dashboard.

Not sure how it works? We have a number of Help Center articles that cover this feature in great detail. Here’s a good place to start.

Still thinking about how it might work for your network? Head to your Dashboard and dig into the advice and best practice content located there. We even have a PDF document you can download and read at your leisure. 

Ready to get going right now? You can turn it on from your Dashboard and start making money today. You get paid whenever your members pay.

This optional add-on feature won’t be for everyone, but we’ve already seen some amazing results from the first group of Network Creators who have tried it out. Let us know how it works for you.


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  • Hi all, I have been running NING for a couple of years now, and am ready to go to paid membership.  

    I'm going back and forth between sticking with NING or moving to WordPress.  I'm already paying monthly fees for NING, and then I'll have to pay an additional $19.95 per month additional to have membership (WP is a single, one-time fee for a plug-in membership). Also, I want to bill my customers monthly automatically, not have them have to accept a bill each month (I believe if they need to be asked monthly, they will easily say "forget it" and cancel.) That's not available yet and I have no idea when it's coming. 

    The reason I chose NING is because it looks clean, it's not (too) hard for a non-programmer to make changes and add some simple things.  And, I hide it because it's a set class, that people pay for on another site - then I give them an invite to this site.  But now, WP is getting known to be very user-friendly. 

    BTW, I'm rooting for you, NING.  I want to choose you! 

    Does anyone have experience with both sites.  Can anyone make a comment about comparisons? 

    • I've used WordPress, along with the Wishlist Member plugin, to enjoy fee-based membership options on a former WordPress site. When I came to Ning a few years ago for similar reasons you've come to Ning their original promises of paid membership features were everything I hoped for. It took well over 18 months from the original paid-membership announcement until the watered-down version of paid membership options were provided.

      There is no way today on Ning to associate one forum discussion or video or otherwise with a paid membership, and others with a free membership, nor does Ning offer a seamless month-to-month auto-pay option. The only reason I can figure they are not yet offering creators month-to-month billing options for their members is because Ning typically tries to get a cut or a slice of the action for every add-on. I believe Ning has slated month-to-month billing as a future slice-of-the-creator-pie add-on.

      While they've stated that PayPal is the limiting factor that won't allow Ning to offer month-to-month auto pay presently, this is simply untrue. PayPal offers the developer tools necessary to support "true month-to-month paid member" services. Many creators on this site have used them in other venues.

      Good Luck! Perhaps Ning will one day be true to their original announcements made regarding this issue, but for now I would never stay on Ning or hold your breath if this is your deciding factor. It just isn't going to happen. You'll have to find other reasons to use this platform. I hope I'm wrong, but all responses to my own questions about this issue have indicated that what you are hoping for isn't ever going to be offered.

      • James, 

        Thank you for your reply.  This is very important info for me as I'm getting ready to make the leap to paid membership site and I need to start in the right place! I have been looking at WordPress and it really does offer a lot of these things for free, or for a one-time fee.  I was hoping NING would follow along in their footsteps.   It's good to hear from some people who have been here longer than me.  

    • Luci,

      I have been using NING for five years and have created nearly 30 networks for clients and myself using NING --- it's great except for the problem that you cite (email too but that's for another thread). I have been asking for this option, particularly recurring billing - monthly and annually -- for several years now with no success. And while there is a workaround, it requires too much effort to maintain.

      Hence, I have been moving all of business to WordPress and other platforms as the automatically recurring subscription component of my networks is too critical to their success, even those I lose some of the terrific NING attributes.

      The irony in all of this is that NING bills us the way we would like to bill OUR members.

      Best wishes to you as you move to a paid subscription model; you'll be glad that you did!

      • Steve, 

        Thanks for the input.  I wish NING had it together with this.  I'm hoping someone from NING will come out and say it's all coming together in the next month! 

        One reason I didn't start with WP 3 years ago is because their membership forum was ugly and not as easy on the eye as NINGs.  Do you have experience with both? 

        • Yes. Try experimenting with their BuddyPress. It has come a long way!

          • Steve, Thanks so much for the info.  I went over and checked it out. :) 

  • Is there a chance to test 'PAID ACCESS' before you integrate it (to check functionalities and suitability )? i nned

    or activate and deactivate is the only option ? Then deactivated accounts still will be charged a fee?


    • p.s. I need to check a swell, wether paid access will be translated to different language, if i test it in english, but want to integrate in the site of a different language, or i will have to activate/deactivate again ?

  • It doesn't work it wont change my settings now i need to wait another month for payment it's getting real close to being Booted 

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