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One Year of Paid Access Drawing: Winner Announced

Hello, Creators. I just wanted to let you know that we have announced a winner for our contest. If you entered, Thank you! Your submissions were very impressive and surely gave a few folks some ideas about how they might use Paid Access. 

We love running contests and drawings, so we'll try to come up with another one soon. 

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  • Wish i was ya'll, Congratulations!!!

    HOODPIMP wishes success and prosperity to all the winners.

    And shall we all make progress in archeiving our goals...

  • Congrats to Andrea, from www.THESOCIALREQUEST.COM

  • Thank you sooooo much and thanks to EVERYONE for the congratulations and compliments!  This will be of great assistance to myself and the members of!


    I have lots of plans to grow and develop the site over the next year.  This will go a long way in helping give a voice to the voiceless! 


    Thank you all again, so much!  I look forward to continuing to get connected with you all as I seek ways to make the site an effective medium for connecting with and advocating for those affected by vocal disorders.


    Ning Rocks!!!!

  • Congrats to Andrea!  But I have a question for NING...... why did NING decide to use paypal services for the paid memberships rather than Google? Paypal is a really bad company with many underhanded business practices... paypal does not deposit the money into the users personal account, but Google does.

    Whenever you sign up for a paypal account you sing your rights away to allow paypal to go into your personal bank account and withdraw unlimited amounts of funds that they can hold for up to 6 months without any justification whatsoever.


    By only using paypal for member paid access accounts you are creating another monopoly for paypal just as they did with ebay, and no when can sell on ebay without using paypal.....

    So again..... my question is Why are you using only paypal to provide the financial transactions for these new paid access services?

    • Hey, Gil. Kind of off-topic. Maybe start a new discussion. 

      • Yeah, Sorry I realized that after I went off......  :)

  • NC for Hire

    Congratulations Andrea!


  • Congrats

  • Does she run this network too?

  • Congrats to Andrea and her network, "a network that helps bring a voice to the voiceless." smile.gif

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