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Overview of Q3 and Ning Q4 2017 plan.

Better late than never - here is the product plan Q3 overview and Plans for Q4.
As you might have noticed, all the promised features have been released. We did our best to keep the deadlines and fit your expectations.
So here are Q3 updates:

1. Paid Access is finally live. It is even more than just old Paid Access, it is a great e-commerce platform with Stripe and PayPal integration. For now it is only available for beta-group, so if you forgot to ask for beta access, don’t miss your chance till Nov 3d.
2. Audio feature is live. Now you can easily create playlists, audio lessons, add audio tracks, podcasts, and any mp3 files. The feature has got a completely new design, which we think looks awesome.
3. Polls. Completely new feature for Ning, only available for Ning 3.0. Using Polls all Ning NCs can easily get up to date feedback from Network members.
4. The Design Studio got a few new templates, a bunch of new fonts and backgrounds to make it more user-friendly and provide flexibility of options you have in order to make your network modern and unique even without coding skills.
5. SSL certification had been implemented for all ning domain names.

Keeping in mind that we are living in the era of mobile devices all new features have been developed in a way so they would look great on mobile devices.

You could not miss how the Creators network changed, which is completely Kyryl’s merit, as is the new guide for Facebook integration.

And now as for the next steps, we are going to make:

1. Member ranking system
2. E-commerce platform wider development (donations, network membership, groups)
3. MailChimp Integration
4. SSL for custom domains, completely automated process.
5. Push notifications

Besides, there are lots of other improvements on the way, more related to back end, like the rework of the activity feed architecture and migration script (these are just the biggest ones so we simply can't help but highlight them).

As always we are happy to receive feedback from you, so feel free to drop us a line.

Sincerely yours,
Ning Team.

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                    • Re: #2 but imagine you're a large (let's say educational) website with numerous members holding several chat discussions on different topics.  Now you're going to see OLD discussions from months one itsy bitsy tiny chat module at the bottom of the page?????  Come on Kryrl.  Seriously?  It's not that LARGE.   lol

                    • Hi there!

                      Regarding #2, the chat shouldn't remove old messages just because they are old at the moment, but if it's your concern I'll create the suggestion to change this functionality.

                      Regarding #3, here is the script (should be inserted in the Custom code section into the End of page field)

                      x$(window).load(function ()
                      var del = setInterval(function ()
                      if (x$('.cht-userList li').length)
                      x$('.cht-userList li img.cht-offline').parent().remove();
                      }, 100);

                      Due to the lack of time and experience, it has a con - it's infinite.

                      The second issue doesn't depend on me, it is, unfortunately, not possible (at least I haven't found a way) to run a script on the mobile chat page.

                      Best regards,

                      Ning Team.


                    • Hi there!

                      The chat shouldn't remove old messaged as I know if you think that it should I'll post the suggestion to add this functionality.

                      Regarding teh script, I'll create it on the weekend, when I have some free time and post it here on creators :-) (Maybe it would be possible to accomplish it even with the CSS only)

                      Best regards,

                      Ning team.

                    • Re: #2 No one has ever sent them a message.   They were on one day in July from Ning doing testing and never returned.  Yes, they should have dropped off long, long ago.  Need a ticket on that

                      #3 yes, yes, yes, I'd love a script; as I would assume others would too.  No one wants to see ALL the members - just the ones "in" chat currently.

                    • Hi there!

                      I have created the bug report regarding the issue from the first screenshot, sorry for this inconvenience.

                      Regarding the second screenshot, have you sent any messages to that user in November or it's just showing you messages from the July no matter what? Well if the last messages have been sent to that user in July it doesn't look like a bug.

                      Regarding the online now members, there is already teh suggestion regarding this but as the temporary solution, I can create the script that would be removing offline members from the list, just let me know about it.

                      Best wishes,

                      Ning Team.

                  • Hi Kyryl

                    It shows up in private chats on mine, Kos can say for her site as she has far more activity on hers.

                    Why can we not just have a simple list, readily visible of people ACTUALLY ONLINE when we connect into chat. It just looks higgle-de-piggledly  and jumbled up to me as it is. Can the coders not have a look at something like Cometchat and see what they made, as it is much much nicer and far, far simpler? It just shows Who Is Online and you can choose to be invisible or offline as well as the option to be online or Busy. It does not show just a random list of people with buttons beside them, I know that's the Facebook look, but it is silly. i don't know how a site with thousands of members handles that list?

                    Thanks Kyryl, for your patience.

                    • Yes!  I could use that script, as I'm sure many others will as well.  Please please please.  lol

                      It is 'funky' though, that the old discussions still reflect; especially if you have a LARGE network that uses chat a lot.  Having them still show up would be a nightmare!

                    • Hi there!

                      Thanks for your reply, unfortunately, I haven't been able to reproduce the issue with unread messages on my end, but I hope the QA department would be, so I have created the report to them. I hope they will be able to reproduce it. 

                      The list actually isn't random, when you checking how is online you can see all the members who are taking the part in the discussion, the Main group should show the full list of members of your network, for example. Anyway as far as I have understood it's not convenient for you and your users so there are already several suggestions added how this functionality could be changed based on your feedback and the feedback from other creators.

                      At the moment I have one idea :-) If you wish I can create a script that would be removing offline members from the list, of members in the conversation.

                      If you need the script that would be showing this list of online members in more convenient place just let me know where you wish to put it, but don't worry I won't remove any suggestions, I'm sure that the platform should be convenient to use from the start and without any additional coding needed.

                      Best regards,

                      Ning Team.

                • It's strange how old visitors (and their old comments on their discussions) continue to appear; I'll agree with you on that.  It's as if the Developer pushed it off his desk saying "good enough" and never finished it.   Luckily my guys don't seem to care.  Best of luck

            • Hi there!

              The work on the architecture of activity feed still lasts, however, you may see some progress already.

              Regarding the old chat, unfortunately, it has been deprioritized, if teh tech team will be able to finish all promised features earlier they will continue working on the old chat option for 3.0.

              I'm sorry that I have been the bearer of bad news :-(

              Best regards,

              Ning Team.

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