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Price Increase Rollback

Since coming under new management, we’ve spent time reviewing all the feedback you’ve given us about the price increase here on Creators, in tickets, and in call notes.  We’ve heard you loud and clear!  So we’re pleased to announce that we are not proceeding with the increases for Ning Plus and Pro nor are we discontinuing grandfathered Ning Mini networks at this time.  

Instead of spending time working on the legwork leading up to a price increase, we’d rather get back to working on bug fixes and new features.  Please take a look at the FAQs below.  They should answer any questions you have about this, but please don’t hesitate to reach out if you don’t see your question answered below.


I canceled my Ning Mini subscription in anticipation of the October 1st deadline.  Can I reactivate it?
Yes!  While we no longer offer new Ning Mini subscriptions, we’re happy to reinstate or create new subscriptions for Network Creators who canceled previously grandfathered plans.  Simply call our billing team or submit a ticket here to reactivate your network.

I was on Ning Pro but downgraded to Plus in anticipation of the increase deadline.  How do I upgrade back to Pro?
Simply give our billing team a call or submit a ticket from the Dashboard of your network to request plan change.  Once your request is processed, your plan change will take effect immediately.  A credit for the unused portion of your service term will be applied to the new invoice generated by the plan change.

I switched from monthly to annual billing in anticipation of the increase.  Can I go back to monthly billing before next year?
Yes!  While we don’t normally allow downgrades from annual to monthly billing before the end of the annual service term, we’re making an exception in this case.  If you submit your request to us to switch from annual back to monthly billing by November 1, 2016, we’ll change your plan from annual to monthly, effectively immediately once the plan change is processed.  You’ll be charged for annual service from the date of your previous plan change through the date your billing is changed and then from that date through then end of your next bill cycle for monthly service.

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          • I got through to support yesterday (@ 5PM Eastern time) - - - on first three attempts it closed down after being on hold for a 5 minute limit.  Fourth attempt and it rang through to a human being after 3 minutes hold time.

            The biggest problem is finding a tech that has clear comprehension of the English language. My "problem" was not all that complex of an issue, but I felt like I was speaking with a 5 year old to get them to understand what was being asked. And in the end, just as with the previous two calls on this ticket, the tech didn't update the ticket to show what was being done or that we had even talked.  So in a couple of days I'll probably end up calling through again and starting all over from scratch since no one leaves a trail for others to follow.

  • My network is down today again! Grrr

    • Keep sending those tickets........pile 'em on until they repair it

      • Could be server transition thing.  would be kool if they let people know is whats going on incase of interruptions..

  • 189 outages in the month of September.  Yeah, fix that.  Completely ridiculous.

  • Thank you for the update!  I've been a bit vocal but, having seen this post, my optimism is renewed!

  • How you become a NING employee anyway? .. throw me a check and i'll throw some links n stuff,.refer tickets etc.. I can pretend to be nice lol


    • I was one of the holdouts who never upgraded to 3.0 and have been with 2.0 for 8 years.  When faced with the price hike, I did all the research you prolly did, Shadow, and did find problems with most alternatives. Instead, I decided to try the free trial of Ning 3.0 to see if I could run it within the 10 gig limit.  I have to say the 3.0 upgrade was anything but.  They removed a lot of the functionality of the original system like video upload, text boxes, and the ability to set your HTML to view or code.  I'm not the expert that this man is, but I agree with his assessment, if you'd care to view it.  Eli The Computer Guy  I will happily stay with my 2.0, so long as the new owners do not amplify the cost out of a fixed income senior citizen's reach. 

      I sincerely hope that someone in the new management team will address the 500 Errors that have been rampant since before November 2014, and the more recent problem with access to Manage/Dashboard. 

      • Cat I couldn't disagree more.  I absolutely love love love 3.0.  I was one of the original 3.0 volunteers (I like abuse I guess *lol*) and yes, you have text boxes and can view your HTML.  It's simply been renamed to 'content boxes'.  You can place as many as you want all over the place!  You don't get those nasty warning signs b/c you've used too many.  Nope.  Gone.  Design Studio blows away 2.0s capabilities - even with full-page layouts (except for the video upload which was killer) and I've stuck with Ning because of it.  I've probably tried 10-15 other companies and would still choose 3.0 until they shut it down.  Yes, Ning never finished it but it has what I need or I can get around it for the most part. 

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