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Servers maintenance

Hi there!

As I have promised in the previous announcement there would be scheduled maintenance due to server renovation.

We are planning to start on Thursday 14-th of September 7 am UTC and the works would last for 2 hours. Please note that networks won't be accessible at that period of time.

We do apologize for the temporary inconveniences.

Best regards,
Ning Team.

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            • Hi there!

              The issues with emails and messages are one of three malfunctions that our tech team is working on at the moment, I'll tell you more I have received one email from creators that one member should be approved, so it seems they are moving in resolving this issue. But as I see the issue is still in progress, also I have wanted to say that all notification that you should have received would be sent.  

              Thanks for your support, that means a lot to mean :-) it's really do

              Best wishes,

              Ning team.

        • Not to mention Chat is now completely down.  Come on guys..........

          • Hi Kos,

            I have notified developers regarding the chat issue that you have, at this very moment they are working on three most massive issues:

            - the issue with the activity feed

            - the issue with all types of the messages, and notifications

            - the issue with styles, pictures, and buttons

            We do appreciate your patience, I'll post the update here once I hear something from tech team.

            Best regards,

            Ning Team.

            • Kyryl maybe the developer should be reminded that we cannot run our businesses in this manner.  My 3.0 was completely down this morning (500 error) and was up/down for the first two hours.  I'm not holding my breath.  Visitors won't be back when the sites are down.  Ning needs to decide if they want to succeed and grow or not.  Right now, it seems like the latter. *sigh*

          • Plus no email notification of this reply....and this is almost global on my site now, no email notification for mail returned *if it happens!, or comments left on member page, or replies made to posts....Maybe it is connected to the server maintenance. If so, I'd say some coders are feeling a bit sweaty right now. I wish them good luck in their repairs! 

  • UST?  Do you mean UTC?  UTC would equal 2am in CST.  I'm so confused!  lol

    • Hi Kos,

      Yes, sorry for the typo, I have meant UTC you are right. And yes it would be 2 am in CST.

      Best wishes,

      Ning Team.

      • Great, that works.  A helluva lot better than in the middle of the day.  Thank you for the heads up

  • How would UST time compare in the United States?
    • Hi there,

      First of all sorry for the confusion, I have already corrected the typo. For example 7 am UTC is equal to 3 am EST.

      Best regards,
      Ning Team.

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