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Sharpen Up Avatars with New Cropping Tool

 When your members sign up, they do one very important thing (sometimes in haste), which can come to define how other members will think of them forever more: upload a profile photo. Most people do a great job of uploading their avatar, but what if that image isn’t cropped the way they intended or hoped? 

Need to crop your avatar image to make it fit the space or emphasize an important detail in the image? Now, you can. 

We’re happy to report that we’ve added a new tool to the member sign-up flow that allows members to crop their photos. This cropping tool allows your members to choose a square portion of their uploaded image and cut out everything else. It doesn’t change the resolution of the uploaded image. In fact, it saves the original image so your members can re-crop a photo or “start over” again (and again) if they wish. This tool works for existing avatars, too. 

It’s a simple tool, but one that will undoubtedly help your members present themselves in the way they want to be presented. 

Edit your members’ avatars

Want the ability for you as the Network Creator to alter your members’ avatars yourself? Check out the Aviary Extension.  

Tell your members about this upgrade

Want some boilerplate language to let your members know about this new tool? Here you go:

New: Profile Photo Cropping

We recently added a way for you to enhance your profile photo (or avatar) by cropping it. 

Your avatar is a window into your personality. Why not take a minute to polish up and re-frame that window? 

• Go to your Settings

• Choose “Edit current photo” or “Upload a new photo”

• Drag the arrows to perfectly frame your avatar image

• Click “Save” 

That’s it! Need to make a change? You can always edit (or re-crop) that image. 

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  • Hummmmm... This one is nice, but I have one which is much, much, better... There is amazing things which you can do with this one, even add glitter text and so forth to your avatar... Try this one out for yourself, I can just about guarantee that you all will love it...

    LunaPic Editor

  • Hi Eric

    I'm using UrbanTek theme and a significant proportion of users have issue with the 'select the visiable region of your photo' step.

    Changing the photo and using different browsers hasn't resolved the problem for the users however we have no issue at our end and many other users are fine. We have been asking for their password and uploading each user ourselves when this occures.

    Are you able to provide any advice on a solution here?



    • I'm sorry you're having trouble, Dan. I would ask that you submit a ticket so we can have someone provide you with a more definitive answer than I can provide. The issues I've seen have all been related to custom code on the network in question. 

  • I was just told by Aaron:

    Profile pictures have to be a square and automatically get resized to 183x183 pixels, so unless these images are re-uploaded with a different size or added white space, you won't be able to fit them into a square (it seems that Aviary can't resize images, only crop them).

    So, if profile pictures have to be square, then why does Aviary make it seem like you can crop photos any way you please (including horizontally and vertically)? It's a waste of time to even attempt to re-crop most of these avatars unless you want to just make them square.

    If Ning really wants to make this useful, have it so that avatars can be any dimension (like on Facebook), not just square. For those of us who don't want to add stickers or effects, Aviary is useless.

  • +1

  • Love the photo cropping functionality, but the Aviary Extension is a bit gimmicky.  It would be so much more valuable if it included badges that we could award to members - for example, for their level of engagement, or number of invites sent.

    • +1 Zahid. This would be very useful.

      "if it included badges that we could award to members - for example, for their level of engagement, or number of invites sent"




  • thanx, will it continue to be expanded upon ... like deleting background or something, lightness/darkness...
    Thanx you guyz are great!!

  • Good.

    This one nice movement from ning.

  • loving it

This reply was deleted.

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