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The Next Ning Superstar: Speed Racer!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new Ning Superstar! 

Not too long ago, my colleagues here at Ning were chatting over IRC (Internet Relay Chat) about a bug we were trying to track down, and someone pasted a discussion from Creators that helped us pinpoint the bug and see the underlying cause for it. "That's Speed Racer," I typed into the group chat. "He's always so helpful." One of my colleagues typed back, "When are we going to make him a Superstar?"

How about right now? Please join me in congratulating and welcoming Dave Norris — a.k.a. "Speed Racer" — into the pantheon of Ning Superstars

Speed Racer runs NASCAR NATION, a popular site for fans of the stock-car set. He's always willing to help other Network Creators figure out how to solve a problem or approach a task from a different perspective, and we're happy to have him around here on Creators. 

Want to know more about Speed Racer and his network? Read our Q&A interview

Feel free to paste in something fun or funny as a way to say, thanks for being so awesome, dude.


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  • I've only been a member of Creators for a short time and have already benefited from Dave's tips. Congratulations on the recognition and many thanks Dave! And also thanks to all the other Creators on here who help out regularly.  Bruce
    • thank you everyone, i really appreciate it, and Happy Father's Day to the fellow Dads out there!
  • "Congratulations Speed Racer! Indeed, well deserved."
  • Congratulations Speed've help me out more than a big huge THANK YOU!!!
  • 1064492575.gif.....frogs are fast too!!!
  • Congrats! You rock! Thanks for always being so helpful!
  • Congratulations David,  aka Speed Racer, ....coming from the pack to take the checkered flag!
    • LOL! thanks alot everyone, you guys are great! Garfield, love the video lol
  • 1064492531.gifSpeed racer - well done, great to see youve been awarded a Ning!




    Ning Ning 


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