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The Ning Design Competition Contest

Hello! I wanted to let everyone on Creators know about a contest we're running. It's called the Ning Design Competition. It's a way to help jump start submissions to our upcoming Theme Marketplace, which will provide NCs with a lot more options for professionally designed themes. It's also a great way for us to recognize outstanding designers and get them familiar with how our new Design Studio works. It's also a chance to give away some pretty incredible prizes — which we love to do! The grand prize is $10,000 and a trip to New York City, and we have a few runner-up prizes as well that involve cash and Apple Cinema Displays. 

This contest is sponsored by Typekit, which is kind of a revolutionary new company that is changing the way Web design is done typographically. They are providing fonts for designers to use in the creation of new themes during this contest. I encourage you to check out the fonts they offer. They can really make your network stand out. 

Some of the details of this contest are technical in nature, so it may not apply to all NCs, but I wanted to let everyone know about it. If you've got some design skills and want to consider entering the contest, you can read all about it here

We'll provide more info about the upcoming Theme Marketplace as it develops, including how you can create, submit, and ultimately sell your own theme on Ning.

Just want a quick summary? Check out this Ning Blog post.  

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  • What if I want to keep the network after the competition ends? I just started a new network on the plus plan and I think it looks nice for the competition. I would like to enter the network into the contest but I don't want the network be deactivated after the contents.
    • Hi, Anthony! If you submit your current network, it won't be a valid entry. I would recommend starting a new one and copying over custom code from the Developer Mode of one into the Developer Mode of the contest network.
      • Hello?
      • It's not clear how many entries we are allowed to make? Only one per person or multiple? Is there a max?
      • I started a new network few days ago.....Cool, I will do just that. Thanks
  • Finally, paying me for hours of work,

    disigns and figuring  out to have the right match.


    Sounds good!


  • Nice. Count me in!
  • Great promotion - we all benefit.....


    If anyone wants to use a Ning network to develop a theme - I'll offer up ours. 


    Our community is large but is ugly and dysfunctional as hell. So we could be your guinea pigs.... 



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