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Video Feature on Ning 3.0 is now available!

We’re happy to announce the release of the Video Feature in Ning 3.0 platform.

Today we've added an option for you to upload your own video content or to embed it from other video sources!

Videos 3.0 is a great way for you to build a dazzling network posting exclusive content and attracting more members. Share your videos via Facebook or custom site and experience your network growing to a large community. With this release, you can upload up to 30 videos at a time using our brand-new bulk media uploader.

There's a lot that's new, so please dive in, explore and let us know what you think!

Follow the link for more information:

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  • One suggestion, can you make a setting to choose how many videos show up on the main page with having to use CSS?

  •  Dear Ning,

    This is a very welcome addition to our Forex site and we will be testing this new feature which has been an issue for us at

    We are a Foreign Exchange Trading site and social network for FX traders. Posting live charts and alerts, streaming market data, news videos and sharing our own trading videos too. So this will really be helpful in many different ways including linking all of our youtube media too. Thank you Ning!

    Best Regards,

    Sir Gissachance

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  • YIKES! having never converted over from 2.0, I never knew that the video feature was not available on the 3.0 platform for all these years.  Makes me even more sorry for you poor folks that were sold a bill of goods about what an "IMPROVEMENT" the 3.0 slop was supposed to be.

    • I didn't stop using 3.0 because of this - I really liked the platforms direction - I left because the whole company had been orphaned - even 2.0 wasn't well supported under Mode Media - I came back because the new owners are finally delivering on past promises and 3.0 is working very nicely for my purposes. 

    • It's been fine if you didn't need that ability.  I love my 3.0

  • Great addition Ning Team and I appreciate Bizz John taking the time to jump in and assist in finding issues - Thanks Bizz!

    • Thanks Pat :-)

      Yes it is a nice addition but I do wish a little more QA was done before releasing features, to find out these issues was pretty evident in just a few hours testing when they released it.

      John :-)

  • Found another couple of issues that may need looking into. When you upload a video the uploaded video is not added to an iframe like other embed videos but it is not so much that which is the issue is that they get set to the poster size width of 400px, also when converted the quality, when it's sized correctly, the quality is not the same as the original and is blurry even though the original was big and in hd.

    I would show you this but here is the other problem, I tested out the visibility option ie just me, friends etc and tried the hidden option. Yes it has hidden the video but now there is no way to be able to go back and make it visible again.

    With regards to the My Videos link why does it take you all the way back to your profile page to see them instead of showing them in the video page ?

    Also in case anyone else is reading this then you might need to know that the video list page is using the .matrix and matrix-itemFluid photoListPage-entry for displaying the videos, not sure why they did not have their own matrix classes, but this may cause issues with anyone adding or have added any css which points to these classes for their photo pages as any design you have added by just using the matrix classes will also affect your video list page. Also because Ning are using the photoListPage, again really not sure why this was done instead of using their own list page but maybe it was done to creat a shortcut using other pages but these shortcuts are going to cause issues for anyone wanting to design their sites. So for instance if you have added any CSS or custom code which points to the photoListPage once again it will affect your video page.

    Why did you not create a videoListPage ? And why use the photos list page and all the photos classes for videos ? I have had to re-write a ton of code to compensate for this and also had to use custom code to add my own classes so I can overide this issue which should have been not needed.

    Ok it seems like lately I am moaning a lot but I love new features and things like this I feel are important to share to get any bugs out of the way in the early stages and also point out some issues that may cause others issues on their sites.

    • Hi John,

      Regarding the video resolution, after the video has been uploaded, all of them are converted to the same resolution by the default no matter what size they have had before the upload. 

      The hidden videos are available if you have the URL and the visibility of them could be changed when you have opened the video itself by pressing the button "options" and choosing "Edit video" from the drop-down menu.

      The issue with the redirect has been reported to QA, however, it doesn't look like a bug so I do suppose it should work like that but anyway I'll get back to you here when I would hear something from QA team.  

      Also, I have addressed the question about classes to the developers, when I receive the reply I would post the reply here.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

      • Thanks for the reply Kyryl. I have addressed all the issues in a single post for you to look at here:

        I hope this helps matters.


        FAO- Ning & Kyryl New Video Feature Issues Report
        I thought I would write this up in a single post rather than posting it in several post within the New Video Feature let us know page. I have spent m…
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