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What was done in Q1 and our plans for Q2

Hi creators,

we could not miss your interest in our plans for the year. We are constantly working on improvement Ning to make it a better place for you. And we want to share some information about what was done in Q1 and what are our plans for Q2.


we have fixed 106 bugs. Most critical fixed issues were related to search function.

Also, we launched new features:

  • new themes in a design studio (sport, craft, chic, purple sunset, tender look, guidance, orchid, portfolio, fitness, dating, dj, gaming). You can find them here or in the settings of your network (in the menu of choosing themes);
  • improved stability and operating capacity of the file manager;
  • improved editor;
  • changes in the interface of paid posts, paid blog posts, paid group, paid discussions, paid forums.

Try all the new features and tell us your opinion!


Our plans for Q2:

We are working on the update of the storage and replacing the existing system with the new one. This will help us to make sure that:

1) everything would be uploaded/downloaded properly;

2) the file would be removed in 100% cases when the parent element has been deleted to prevent any inconveniences caused by this;

3) files are available all the time without stacking somewhere on the halfway.

Also, we continue to work on the Paid Access feature. The last quarter some huge updates have been released - like repeats, retry system. The process to add the new payment methods has been simplified and partly automated. In addition, paywall now could be attached to the forum posts.

Some other small updates were made based on the feedback provided by the NC who has paid access activated.

As the Paid Access feature is developing and the most important updates were made already, we are glad to welcome everyone who still has some doubts to try it out. Especially as there are no monthly charges for the use of this functionality. It is still in beta, but it is working and soon will be available for everyone. If you want to try it, let us know by contacting our support here, send us a message or just write in comments.

Also, we are on the finish line with the migration script (Hurray!). We do some transfers in the test regime and since the script is under the calibration, the process is still time-consuming and require additional efforts to be put in before it's completely ready.

With love,

NING team.

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  • Any chance of live stream?

    • Hi there!

      As far as I know, live streaming is not on our roadmap in the nearest future. Since it is possible to embed LiveStreams, it is not our top priority at the moment. 

      Best regards,

      The NING Team

    • HI Gerard,

      I haven't seen live streaming feature in the plans for the near future, sorry.

      So far you can embed streams from the other services which do support embedding, of course, YoutTube for example.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

    • Good luck

  • Well done Ning! the storage implementation sounds like a really cool idea. Perhaps a list of the most recent files available in the file manager posted as attachments to the site anywhere could be implemented as well so we know what attachments are being uploaded on our sites, in addition to any other file. Photo, video, music, etc. Thank you for the updates!

    • Hi there!

      Sounds good, however, the feature you have described is located on the other level of the development, as it's more related to the front end, and we are working on the back end of the storage functionality that will affect every file that has ever been uploaded to the network. what I'm trying to say, unfortunately, we won't be able to include this suggestion into the current tasks related to the search, however, your Idea seems to be really useful and such functionality will definitely help to monitor files and prevent issues related to the copyright infringement. So the suggestion has been posted and I'm waiting for the response from the management, once they will review it.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

  • Communication is key and I thank you for updating us.  We need reassurance (after what we've been through).  Keep it coming!  Good job.

    • Thank you! Hope that our next changes will only make you more excited about Ning :)

  • Thank you for your work and the continuous improvements ! I would personally also love to see the Roadmap return on the Dashboard; this allows us to keep beter overview and anticipate on upcoming changes and features. For NC's that are interested in monetizing their network but haven't activated Paid Access yet: it's working great for us !

    • Thank you, Marco!

      I'll talk with the team and see what we can do about the Roadmap

This reply was deleted.

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