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Have you been thinking about trying out the new Paid Access add-on? Have a few ideas for how to start making money? Share your ideas and inspire fellow Ning Creators to start building a social business.

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Tell us how you plan to use the Paid Access feature. We’ll enter you into a random drawing to win one free year of the Paid Access add-on. Whether your idea is a revolutionary new way to raise revenue — or just plain simple and practical — we want to know. Every entry has an equal chance at winning, and it’s super easy to enter. Just tell us…

How might you make money using the Paid Access feature?  

Share your idea in-depth so other Network Creators will get some great advice, or just make it one sentence and simple, like this: 

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  • Your entry: Tell us what you think your members would pay for. Would you charge for access to your Ning Network? Groups? Pages
  • One entry = one reply: Multiple entries will be disqualified. 
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  • This offer begins now and ends at midnight (PST) Wednesday, August 31st. 
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Ready to enter? Just tell everyone: How might you make money using the Paid Access feature? 

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  • We have a winner!

    Congratulations to Andrea Hardaway. We randomly chose a winner from all submitted entries, and she is the one. Andrea runs, a network that helps bring a voice to the voiceless. 

    A big thank you to Andrea and everyone who entered. The responses we received were very impressive and quite thoughtful. Hopefully, these submissions will give a few folks some ideas about how they might monetize their network — or just streamline the way donations are handled. 

  • We want to offer a big thank you to everyone who entered this drawing! 

    Judging simply by the number of entries, this drawing is already a success. It will be a big success for one randomly picked winner, but our hope is that it will be an even bigger success by helping Network Creators come up with a few new ideas for how to monetize their networks. We're thrilled with all of the great ideas that have been shared here, and we humbly thank you for spending time thinking about your plans for Paid Access — but more importantly for sharing your unique ideas with everyone else. 

    Since the time to enter this drawing has expired, I am now going to close this discussion. I will report back when we have picked a winner.

    Everyone has an equal chance of winning, so good luck to everyone

  • I run a fan site, and luckily I'm friends with the artist, who is actually becoming quite huge, these days. Three years ago, (right before I started this fan site), nobody had heard of him YET.  I plan on adding a members only area, where we will hold private chats with him, (maybe once or twice a year) and offer advanced ticket sales and/or GIVEAWAYS to some of his shows and TV appearances. I did this in the past, but it was open to all 4000 members of my site. So it was a frenzy, since I only had a limited amount of tickets for each event. I would send out a mass email, and offer them to the first so many people to make it to the chat room. With the members only area, that will be a lot more organized as to who can get the very limited amount of goodies, and be in on the chats, as well. :-)

  • let see real quick if i was to implement paid access: i was thinking about doin it this way

    for every member joins my network they would receive 50% of their

    money fee back when inviting 50 people or more.

    I have a social dating network and the % of members that invite their friends to join a dating network is almost nothing to none, anyway this is how i would implement this.thanks

  • The Alameda Writers Group is brand new to NING, although the organization has been around for over a decade. Using the paid access feature will simplify an administrative task which has always been difficult and hard to manage. Shhh! Don't tell anyone, but I went a year without renewing my membership and no-one noticed. This won't be able to happen now.

  • I have a site that is a hub for Autism Info on the site. I have worked out a plan with a Special Education Attorney to make legal advise available to those joining his group for a small charge. This is going to be quite an assett to our members that can't take a day off, make respite, or child care arrangements to go to a lawyers office for a consult just to ask a few legal questions. It is going to be a blessing to many of our impoverished parents of children with Autism.

  • Southern Kentucky Photographer's Club ( was created to bring KY photographers of all skill levels together in one place to work and learn together. SOKYPC is not here for profit, just to be a great support network and resource for photographers. I know there are thousands of awesome Ning sites who deserve this, but I would love to have paid access. I believe in my site and the members, but am providing SOKYPC out of my own pocket. I have a family to support and my own business to run and ensure profits for ( If I won, paid access would enable me to better control the safety, privacy and legitimacy of our site. Some members don't wish to pay because the majority of content is public. I had once made the entire site private, but this only decreased the interest because noone could see what we were about. I'd love to utilize this feature, but due to paying so much out of pocket, and the recent price increase, unless It was won, it'll be some time before the feature could be enjoyed. Thank you for the opportunity to provide members of SOKYPC better experience. 

  • we will use "paid access" for vip memberships, however, we still need "local currency" instead of "USD". this should be a big problem for most of people who are Non-Americas.

  • For our new CLAY Connect network (, we decided to skip the "freemium" model and are going with a strictly free network membership.  However, we will give members the chance to donate when signing up.

    We will use paid pages to offer business listings for 3/6/12 months (tied to "sponsorship" of our youth sports ministry) and for an opt-in discount/savings club program. 

    We will use paid groups for coaches to submit and pay for background checks, for officials to register for their league certifications, for team sponsors to sign up, and to house some proprietary content.

    I also created another network that is using paid access (pages) for advertising with up to a $10,000 rate.  Don't know that a company will ever pay that much via credit card, but knowing they can charge that much means all rates can be listed together.


  • Started a PRIMEPASS membership, for Individuals and Entrepreneurs with Unique Desire For Brand Marketing Events, Networking, Modeling and Charity/Non Profit events.

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