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Save discussions from being deleted

Your network is full of healthy discussions, with many contributors joining in after each discussion's creator. For a long time, the discussion creator has been able to delete their own discussions whenever they like, taking potentially countless rep

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85 Comments · Reply by Jared Apr 18, 2013

Updates to Pages Part Two

Today, we’re making Pages a lot more powerful for Plus and Pro networks. Pages have always been a great way to add useful content to your network like a list of resources, community guidelines, or an embedded third-party application. Following on fro

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122 Comments · Reply by Mark B Feb 3, 2013

Activity Feed Roundup!

Hi all, with 60+ (!) pages of comments on our thread about the Activity Feed release, I know it can be tough for Creators to keep track of the latest news. So I wanted to send around this roundup.


Did you know:

As a Ning Creator, you have the ab

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162 Comments · Reply by NingStar Jul 12, 2011

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