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The Big Announcement: We haven’t sent out a regular digest in a few weeks. If we had, it would have been about one thing: Our big May 4th announcement. We’re thrilled to have finally announced the upcoming plans and pricing, and we’ll be working to bring you as much information about the changes coming in July. We’ll be updating our News & Views About Change regularly if you want to follow some of the highlights and new things we’ve seen. We’ll also keep you updated via this weekly Best of the Week digest.
Ning Network slow-downs: We’ve had reports from Creators of slow-loading pages and even some folks who are having trouble accessing their Ning Networks. The issue seems to be sporadic and only affecting some Ning Networks (it was visible on Creators yesterday for a bit). Our engineers are working non-stop to identify the root cause and lessen the impact on Creators and their members. You can check and/or follow both the Ning Status Blog and the Ning Status Twitter feed for updates. We’ll also do our best to keep you informed on Creators.
New spam tools: We’ll soon be rolling out more ammo in our fight against spam: 3 New Ways to Stop Spammers and Verify Your Members. Some of these tools echo previous product requests from Creators. So, for example, we’re happy to be delivering things like a customized quiz for prospective members. That tool will help protect your Ning Network against spambots, but it will also let you ask “in-the-know” questions to help you attract quality new members.
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Jen: Ning Conference Call Highlights: Discussion on Ning Premium Plans and the New Ning
Across the Internet
This week we stumbled upon a ton of conflicting advice — yet both points of view were still valid.
For example, Why Fights Are So Important was written by the same community-focused guy who wrote The Dividing Line On Inflammatory Comments. Both good reads. He always has great advice, from Creating Titles For Members to why you should turn your sign-up form into The Application Form.
Lots of folks keep talking about Facebook and privacy and the Bewildering Tangle of Options you may encounter if you are keen on being a more private person on Facebook. Again, lots of conflicting opinions out there, including differing opinions about the new Facebook Like button (which some Creators have already asked for). It ranges from Why I Like the Facebook Like Button to Think Before You Like.
This had nothing to do with anything, but we loved the header on this Ning Network. Fun!
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  • Hola, me gustaría que estos boletines Ning los enviara también en español. Somos muchos creadores de habla hispana que no hablamos inglés.
  • Jeff, sorry to be so late in responding to you. You're right, it's not completely possible to create exactly this fellow's idea, but I think it's a great idea. I sometimes include "food for thought" type of articles from around the Internet that I run across about community-related stuff. We will soon (it's built, just waiting to be released) will have a special Quiz question you can ask new members that is sort of similar. You can have folks who are in-the-know about your Ning Network's subject answer a special question you set up. Hope this helps.
  • 1. Productive and informative compilation!
    Very Good.
    2. Good question by Jeff...
  • Great idea to turn the sign-up form into an "Application form." But where can I edit it? Nothing in Manage, nothing in Help, nothing in the Language Editor seem to be it. (Rich doesn't say; he calls it a "registration form" and nothing in those places called that, either.)
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