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One of the great things about living and working in Silicon Valley is that from time to time we get to meet people who are working on a truly cutting-edge product that has the potential to transform, well, just about everything. We ran into one of these products recently. It’s called the Kno. You may not have heard of it, but you will soon. The folks who make this hard-to-get Kno tablet have been kind enough to provide us with two of them, which we want to give away to two people here on Creators! Read on for all the details, and check out the Kno. — Jason Rosenthal, CEO, Ning

Next Monday is the second annual celebration of Community Manager Appreciation Day all across the Internet.

Last year, I pasted Internet High-Fives into conversations and profiles of community manager types I know as a way to recognize all their hard work. It was great fun. This year, I’m proud to say that we can do better.

The fine folks who make the Kno tablet computer have graciously donated two of their upcoming tablet computers to our cause: recognizing people who devote their time to encouraging online conversation and activity — just like you do every day on your Ning Network. As the head of your own social network, you are essentially the community manager of your own site. This is your chance to share your expertise — and get a shot at winning a tablet computer.

You’ve undoubtedly had a ton of experience growing and shaping the conversation on your Ning Network. As your entry in this contest to win a Kno tablet, tell us...

What’s the single best piece of advice you can give to a new community manager?

How this contest works

  • You can submit an entry by simply replying to this discussion with a piece of good advice for a new community manager. One sentence works. A few more if necessary. 
  • Witty, insightful, funny, serious, straightforward? It's up to you. Whatever you think is compelling.
  • One entry = one reply: Please only one reply per person. Multiple entries will be disqualified.
  • Enter early but not often. No do-overs!
  • Network Creators only, please. Admins are not eligible.
  • This contest begins now and will end at midnight (PST) Monday, January 24th.
  • On January 25th, we’ll close this discussion, gather the responses, and force our CEO to choose only the two best pieces of advice.
  • We’ll announce the winner here on Creators on or around January 28.
  • We’ll also update this discussion with the results, so you’ll be automatically notified since you’re following this discussion.
  • We’ll contact the winners before announcing the results, so rest assured that if you win, we’ll track you down!

Good luck! Our hope is that everyone will get a good nugget of advice out of this community-based contest. 

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  • We have our winners! Check them out here

  • C-O-M-M-U-N-I-T-Y



    C reate the network.  As community manager, I have the power and responsibility to create an environment which spurs conversation and brings people together.

    O pen the minds of members by providing new content and keeping things fresh
    M aintain existing content
    M onitor member activity and provide oversight when needed
    U nderstand member needs and address them in a timely manner
    N etwork with members.  Its the key to member and business growth.
    I ncent members to participate by holding contests and giveaways
    T rust others to help and serve as administrators as the network grows
    Y earn to always learn new things

  • A big gigantic "Thank You" to everyone who entered this contest! I'll close this discussion now. We'll collect all the responses and try to decide on two winners. We'll announce on Friday who the winners are, both in this post and in a separate discussion here on Creators. We've had a wealth of great advice here, so it won't be easy to pick just two winners, but our hope is that everyone got at least one good piece of advice that will perhaps prompt you to try something new in the way that you encourage your members to interact on your network. Everything you've shared has certainly made me think about how to do it right. I'm seriously impressed by what I've heard. 

    Stay tuned, and thanks again for taking the time out of your day to offer advice to everyone else. This kind of giving back is really what makes communities thrive. 

  • The single most invaluable lesson I've learned while creating my site is to have a business plan OUTLINE.  Like most business plans, mine was out of date once it came off the printer - mostly because it took a long time to write and I'm quickly learning the things they don't teach in b-school.  The outline doesn't require the amount of effort of a business plan, easily shows you (by looking at the amount of content under each section) where you're lacking in your planning, allows you to store ideas to let them marinate and evolve (every major final decision I've been happy with came from an idea that was on the right track but not very polished), gives you a place to insert information from various sources that you know you will need later, and stays current since it's easier to edit.  Also, remember to write down or record in a voice memo any and all bright ideas you have so you can put them in the outline before you forget.
  • You're fine, Jennifer! Thanks for sharing!
  • Dont get all crazy and hard on yourself if your site doesnt become super popular in a week or so. Just because you think it was an awesome idea and it would take right off doesnt mean it wasnt, everything that is good and has potential takes time and a lot of work to be put into it too!

    Good Luck and Peace my friends

    Im late I posted it wrong sorry, maybe next time
  • A few pieces of advice we can give are:

    • Create your network with the best of intentions
    • Make sure that the intent is CLEARLY conveyed to your members
    • If you're passionate about your network, the passion will be infectuous
    • If you make a mistake, it can be fixed. No sweat!
    • Get others involved in sharing your vision. They may be your best advocateS
    • Be willing to adapt and grow with your members
    • Most importantly... HAVE FUN!


  • Don't worry about getting members first-- worry about content. Many of our first members ended up never coming back again-- no one wants to visit a network that has nothing to offer beyond having you sign up for it.Take a day to figure out how best you can use each feature of your network-- and don't worry if you can't figure out a use for everything. Don't just ut something up to put it up-- have a use for it, have content for it.
  • Have fun !!!
  • Have a roadmap for your community, be focused, agile and patient.  A great community takes time to build, go for quality growth over quick growth to create a thriving and active community.

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