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I’m new here. I wanted to simply stand up and say hello. I join Laura as a fellow community manager on the Creators Network. Like Laura, I’m here to help Creators with their creations: providing tips on building Ning Networks, encouraging folks to get creative and improve things, and pointing out ways people can manage and grow their Ning Networks.
I have a fair amount of technical knowledge, although if you bust out some elaborate CSS, I will probably have to defer to someone smarter than me for an answer. I’ll always do my best to try, but luckily I have a ton of smart people here at Ning (and in the Creators Network) who can weigh in. In addition to community management experience, I also have a background rooted in publishing and communications. I’m all about spreading compelling information and advice — and that includes helping Network Creators do the same.
One way we’re spreading it is with the Ning Now newsletter, which we’ve recently begun sending to everyone who has created a Ning Network on Ning. I’ll be helping to create and corral and organize the content of the newsletter, but it’s really a team effort. Don’t mean to be so forward, but I pretty much already consider you part of the team. I know we’re just now meeting for the first time, but I’d like you to take an important role in the shaping of the newsletter: I’d like your feedback as we move forward.
To that end, friend: Let us know what you’d like to see. You gave us a few suggestions after a recent issue, but feel free to share more feedback and suggestions here if you like.
What say you?
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  • Welcome, Eric!
  • Hi all and specialy Eric! :) - dont worry your spelling Fredy we can't all be from a english talking country lol. i am from denmark.
    I am running 3 Nings and looking forward to all new info from the Ning Team.
  • hello Eric and welcome
    what i`ve seen during my staying on ning network is that if u bann a member on profile, he easily make another one with a new mail address.
    what i want to ask and to please you , is this : can you ( the ning team) make a new feature that allow us to bann the members on ip ?
    this is pretty and helpful because we can manage the members easily :P
    this is my idea and hope that you will like it to and do something about it :)
    10x and sorry for my righting mistakes ( i`m a Romanian :D )
  • Hazrat.... You need to go into Edit TAGS.
  • Eric, thanks for the intro & welcome. I hope you guys can help me out with this. I have tried couple of times here and once via help, but keeps getting the sames reply to go in "edit post" and make the changes. However, it is not working. Appreicate your help and prompt reply.

    Looking forward to blog categories soon.
  • NC for Hire
    Welcome Eric!
  • Yes! Welcome, Tom!
  • Welcome! Looking forward to your contributions and assistance.
  • Yah I actually found that I had two different messages but both claimed to be the first:)

    One, sent on 12/18/09 had the following first "headline":
    Kicks on Fire shows us how to run a great promotion

    The other, sent on 12/21/09 had the following first "headline":
    Deconstructing the design of Photo Finish Records

    The weird thing is that only one was actually in my inbox. I have gmail and had it set up to where I could check several email accounts in one inbox, and found one in the actual email account I signed up with, and the other in the "forwarded" inbox. Weird.
  • Yes, we did send out a second one, so I'm very sorry to hear that you didn't receive it!

    We could also broadcast it, as you suggest. I guess we don't want to overwhelm people with too many messages, but maybe we could broadcast a message and let people know a) that we've sent out our most recent newsletter and b) that we always appreciate feedback on the newsletter so give it to us here. Really good point, Janettee. We might even want to do a poll at some point. Appreciate the considered feedback!
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