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I've read some of the disparaging comments about the Ning platform some of you have posted, and must come to their defense. I can build a complete, fully functional Ning platform website in less than 2 hours. You won't find ANY other platform where this is possible.

I have never disliked Ning, so please keep your disparaging comments to yourself. Constructive criticism is best, but some of your comments are over the top.  I am currently developing a new website on another platform, It is much more expensive than any Ning website, but has most of the features of Facebook. Ning customer support is unparalleled. You won't find the technical support better anywhere else than Ning. I will tell you one thing, if Ning Developers were to create a site that had all the features of Facebook, I would move back to Ning in a heartbeat. The cloud-type sharing so popular on Facebook is the ONE thing Ning could do to improve their platform. If they were to make it a part of the Ning platform, people would leave Facebook in droves.People are getting really fed-up with Zuckerberg's ambiguous community rules. Compared to all of the other social networking platforms available out there, Ning ROCKS!

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  • Hello everyone,
    Thanks for your support and we will try to keep up the same way or better.
    Your comments encourage team and me personally to work harder :-)
    Thank you all!
    Ning Team.
  • NC for Hire
    I've been with Ning since March of 2007 and I don't plan to ever leave... especially if they keep up the current rate of progress..
  • @Alliance: I've owned and/or managed NIng websites since 2008, so I'm hardly a newcomer.
  • Ive been with NING since 2008, I have 3 sites. the NING of today is not the NING of 2016. Different ownership, new direction, new mentality. It's borderline miraculous. I had moved all three sites to a new platform when the new ownership took over. I soon moved back to NING. I became a believer pretty quickly after seeing the customer service radically changed. I look forward to new features and continued growth.
  • I'm not praising or denying but Sir, how long have you been here?
    Perhaps you have not gotten to the nitty gritty of your website yet.
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