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If you are going blind waiting for the Advanced CSS box to be adjustable, add this to your Advanced CSS box (ironic....huh) and adjust to your liking.

Simple, but I figured I'm not the only one...

/* Widen Advanced CSS Box by Fire-Tech */
div#content-customcss.dy-clearfix div.row div.span8, div#content-customcss.dy-clearfix div.row div.span8 form textarea#dy-custom-css.dy-input-text.dy-input-full.span8{height:400px!important;width:900px!important;}
#appearancePanel #preview-custom-css {position:relative;z-index:999!important;}

Happy coding ;)

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  • use % not px and with some other tweaks i made u can have it wide as well as responsive

    once my sites relativel.y done tho i minify all css to a single line of code so when its time to edit i usethe browsers find feature  to find the code to edit  so really the css box size doesnt affect me at all


    since i made design studio fully responsive if i need to read better ctrl + to zoom to mobile view and the css box fills the screen

    • I wasn't trying to make it responsive. I don't write code on my phone or tablets. Just a quick tip to save the old eyeballs until Ning makes the box adjustable...and I compress my final codes as well.

      Thanks for chiming in brother :)

      • well just saying width:90% or 90em would accomplish the same thing and is just better practice in 3.0 to think that way

        • Don't need the practice. I know what I'm doing, but thanks anyway. Have a great Saturday!

  • Thanks guys. Figured some would find it handy :)

  • NC for Hire

    nice tip bro..thanks

    • Welcome brother :)

  • *clapping* Thank you FT! I'm loving it. "If you are going blind waiting for the Advanced CSS box to be adjustable..."  LOL!!! I love tips.


    • Very welcome :)

  • Thanks, Fire-Tech. You're awesome.

This reply was deleted.

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