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The Add, Feature and Edit buttons are easy to miss, they are so small, no labels just little icons.  You can of course upload your own images in place of these but you also don't have to, you can just remove the background image (icon), change the colours and force the buttons to show their actual labels.

/** Buttons Linkbar colours padding margins **/

.button-iconic {border:none; padding:6px; border-radius:4px; }
.linkbar-iconic li > a.button {border-color:black; padding:6px; margin:3px; box-shadow:0px 1px 2px 2px black;}

/** Buttons remove icon force label to show and fix width and text colour **/
.linkbar.linkbar-iconic i.icon.icon {background-image: none; text-indent:0px; width:auto; color:black;}

/** Fix file input buttons, upload a photo etc **/
.linkbar.linkbar-iconic .transparentFileInputButton {padding:6px; margin:3px;}

/** Create a hover glow effect on buttons **/
.linkbar.linkbar-iconic .icon.icon:hover {box-shadow:0px 0px 15px 1px yellow;}
.linkbar.linkbar-iconic .transparentFileInputButton:hover {box-shadow:0px 0px 15px 1px yellow;}

/** Feature button to show it has been used and makes it say UnFeature **/
.linkbar.linkbar-iconic .is-selected > .icon-feature {box-shadow:0px 0px 10px 1px black inset; color:#2E2E2E;}
.linkbar.linkbar-iconic .is-selected > .icon-feature:before {content:"Un";}

/** Fix add button in groups **/
.page-groups .icon.icon-add {background-image: none; text-indent:0px; width:auto; color:black; }

They become the standard silvery button colour which you can change as you wish.  Just change the above blue highlighted code, using background linear gradient colours and box shadows.  The orange highlighted parts of the code are where you change the text colour in the buttons.

So this code -          .linkbar-iconic li > a.button {border-color:purple; background: transparent linear-gradient(#A901DB,#7401DF); border-radius:4px; box-shadow:2px 3px 10px 1px black;}

     gives this, keeping in mind I didn't change the font colours for this example.

Here is a shot of the hover effect (on the Edit button) and the feature button in a discussion that has already been featured, simple but better than nothing :)

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  • You read my mind. Thanks for the share.

  • Hi Bekah,

    Very cool tip! I like the way it makes the buttons look.  Thanks for sharing! smile.gif

    Best wishes!



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