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Our Ning Account has been hacked.

This Morning my account has been hacked. there is no responses from Ning, i do not know what to to do.

Please help!!! where can i contact to ning? how can i restore my acces. i am so 



This is Really Big. Hundres of Domains,15 Ning Networks ,FanPages stolen on thanksgiving day.

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    Good luck. I hate to say it, but with the holiday, you will probably be locked out until at least Monday. 

    • Ning does not reply our messages. We are really concerned about that. Do you recommend us to contact a lawer to resolve this. The person who stole our accounts use this e mail :

      He or she takes control over all Acces, Paypal, Godaddy accounts, Hotmail accounts..etc.&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
      &amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
      That's why we want to take this to the tribunal because our company it's going down.
      • I'm actually no longer on the Ning platform because of this. I rebuilt my site elsewhere and left. 

        You gave up your rights to sue for any reason when you signed up for Ning:

        It's sad, but I don't think there's any room to apply pressure to them. It seems like the new owners actually care, but they have a big mess to clean up from Mode. It doesn't help you now but maybe your experience will give them the nudge they need to make improvements.

        I don't know any of the specifics of your situation- how the hack happened, what the hack is costing you, etc., but I don't think you'll get anything from Ning by trying to take legal action. That is just my personal opinion and I'm not a lawyer. I also think that, unless the person who hacked you is someone you know, that you'll ever be able to do anything to them. As terrible as it is, I think the best that you can hope for is to pinpoint how this hack happened, how they got your data, etc., and make changes to ensure it doesn't happen again. 

        If they are actively using your site maliciously right now, perhaps you can get GoDaddy to correct their end so you have control of the domain name (I assume you're using a custom name and not a Ning domain) and then redirect it until Ning comes back in on Monday. If you're worried about speed, a lawyer isn't going to help you out there, either. If there's nobody manning Ning on the weekend, there's nobody to respond to a lawyer, either. 

        If it were me, and yes, I have been there, I would go about securing as much as I could and limiting the amount of damage the person can do. If you can't get onto your Ning site, the best you can do is focus your efforts on the other areas that person has hit because PayPal, GoDaddy, and Hotmail should all have people on staff who can help you now. Heck, Gmail probably has a way for you to contact them. ... Maybe this will help? If you can shut down the hacker so they can't us their own gmail account, that might help some. 

  • Ning may be open on Friday.  Fingers crossed!

  • NC for Hire

    Are you not able to change your password?

    Or, did they change the email too?

    • Thanks for Reply Jen! The hacker change the e-mail too.
      • NC for Hire

        Omgoodness. That is sorry.

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Where is there more information on this? How do you know the scope of it?

  • Hi! We are investigating this issue at the moment. Unfortunately it could take some time. Apologize for any inconveniences.

    • Thank You! It does a matter the time It will take. We want to thanks that at least Ning Support reply Our Messages Now.
This reply was deleted.

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