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So I started to let a few people join my site and I asked them to post content.

I watched their process and realised most people want to begin blogs, photos, videos from their member page. Yes its good to go to the community section but this is how a good majority of my people was thinking. So instead of fighting it I figured go with it. So I decided to add a Link Bar in their member profiles so they could get to the add Blogs, add Discussion, add Videos pages and then BAM!!!! I hit the wall.

Adding Photos is a totally different process from a developer point of view. Every other section you have to input info into the website, but Photo's are uploaded via a form.


Ok so, I tried to easily copy the code from the Photos page that gives you the little  "+" sign and BAM!! IT does not work.

So right now I can get the pic files to be seleected from my hardrive, but there is some element that is making the form go once a file is selected.


The Question

I know you might say NO but, can I have the code that will allow me to Upload a photo via the wording + Add Photo. Or at least by the "+" icon?

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                    • Hey there Kyryl. Idk where to put it in the code as I don't see a color code. Can you please show me where to put the button :) I am not good at coding. 

                    • Hi there!

                      I have changed John's code a bit:

                      .linkbar.linkbar-iconic .button.button-iconic { border:none;border-color:transparent;border-radius:50px;font-size:1em;color:white }
                      .linkbar.linkbar-iconic .button.button-iconic .icon{ vertical-align:middle;height:auto; }
                      .linkbar.linkbar-iconic .button.button-iconic { background-image: url("Link_to_background"); background-size: cover;}
                      /*Hover colour for all of them*/
                      .linkbar.linkbar-iconic .button.button-iconic:hover,.linkbar.linkbar-iconic #photoupload .button.button-iconic:hover{background-image: url("Link_to_background_on_hover");color:white}

                      Link_to_background - should be replaced with the link to the image of the background you wish.

                      Link_to_background_on_hover - same as Link_to_background but it should be the link to the other file that would be placed on the background of the element once you have hover mouth cursor over it.

                      P.S. background-size: cover - not sure about this property as it depends a bit of the image you are going to use as the background.

                      Best wishes,

                      Ning Team.

                    • Hey there Kyrl that code is not working for me to change the buttons in this picture that are in the status update bar. :( The code I am using right now for these buttons is: 

                      if (typeof(x$) != 'undefined') {x$(".status-container").append('<div align="center" style="margin-top:15px;"><a class="button button-primary" href="/photos" target="_blank" title="Add Photo">Add Photo</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;<a class="button button-primary" href="video" target="_blank" title="Add Video">Add Video</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;<a class="button button-primary" href="events" target="_blank" title="Add Event">Add Event</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;<a class="button button-primary" href="discuss" target="_blank" title="Add Group">Add Group</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;<a class="button button-primary" href="polls" target="_blank" title="Add Poll">Add Poll</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;</div>');

                      can you please show me where I can put the background image code in these codes please? 


                    • Hi there!

                      The code I have provided shouldn't change the background of the buttons you have presented on the screenshot, it changes the background only for the buttons that are mentioned in John's tip since your original question has been posted there I thought you are talking only about those buttons.

                      Fro the buttons from the screenshot the code would be following:

                      .button.button-primary { background-image: url("Link_to_background"); background-size: cover;}

                      .button.button-primary:hover { background-image: url("Link_to_background_on_hover"); background-size: cover;}

                      Please refer to the previous comment to see what should be inserted instead of the Link_to_background and Link_to_background_on_hover.

                      Best regards,

                      Ning Team.

                    • Hey there Kyryl Sorry I was not able to get the code working :/ can you write it out for me please when u get a chance. 

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Thanks John. I figured that would have to be my only choice for right now.

  • some how we got on a tangent with @Matthew Aukai Wright  can we have a solution to the main post? There must be script that can be written to make the pictures upload from the profile pages directly.

    • I am sorry? Idk if I am suppose to be insulted or what but not all the attention is on me. I do apologize if that is what it seems. But I try to help you and I thought I understood your question so I tried to help you and that is the best we can do with the code and Kyryl I think it was when I ask Kyryl he said it will require backserver coding to upload a picture, and other modules just to upload it from the status container bar and that pose a saftey risk as the servers could be hacked I believed. I am not really good in coding but try to play around with the codes that is how I learned that's all I can tell you to do. 

      • Add This In Your custom code end of page 



        //Photo Add Quick Link
        // Holding div for the link
        x$('<div/>',{ class : 'OpenStatus-Links'}).appendTo('.js-statusForm.statusForm');
        x$('<div/>',{ class : 'OpenStatus-Links'}).appendTo('.tabContainerSection-pane.section-member-activity.js-statusForm.statusForm');
        x$('<div/>',{ class : 'OpenStatus-Links'}).prependTo('.tabContainerSection-pane.section-member-photoEntries');
        x$('<a href="" class="OpenStatusAddPhoto" title="Add Photo/s">Add Photo</a>').appendTo('.OpenStatus-Links');

        // Hide the add photo link if not a member
        x$(document).ready(function() {
        if(ning.CurrentProfile == null){


        • It looks like your code just sends them to another page and they have to click again, am I correct?

This reply was deleted.

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