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I always welcome the Ning interface, granting loved the versatility, the easy customization.

A year ago I've been working a project to invest time and money (

I like and a lot of new updates and price ($ +100 monthly) is acceptable because it thought doing something "big".

However, I work my brand using ning services, which is perfect, but with the new policies, Ning brand will work using my services..

On the other hand you could previously avoid competition from intermediate knowledge and were unaware that the platform of your social network, now will be very easy to become competitive.

Nothing will prevent your competitors, acquire a Ning social network, hire a bulk email service and exclusive goodbye to your niche, competition for everywhere!.

Under these concepts, I was looking for alternatives and share them.

I share links require hosting.


ire testing each if anyone has used any of these and not "worked" warning to avoid.

Excuse my English, I speak Spanish

+ Info:

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      • SE PHP does move content, SE CLoud does not...but SE Cloud is more beginner-friendly and is hosted for you.

        Skye, there ARE people from here who are downloading and testing the ning import tools on socialengine and on other platforms like buddypress-  but they are doing it over on, not here on creators.  That's probably a better place to really go into depth on the subject.  The owner of that site will soon open the site up for anyone to join, but you can read the discussions there in the meantime I believe.

        • Perfect thank you Strumelia.

        • More and more I am interested in SE.  I am having it tested at this time to see if perhaps this will work for me.  I am tired of saying "I'm looking into alternatives" as I've been saying that for a year now.  It has reached the "**** or get off the pot" stage for me.  

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    • Ah, I'm glad you said that because my site does not rely very much on blogs anyway.  Shows how we are all different!   :)    Yes, after 6 yrs for my site i know there are many long gone members and lots of outdated content anyway- the idea of a 'clean slate' used to absolutely horrify me, but as things are unfolding now the idea actually doesn't seem so awful to me as it used to.   ;)

      • Wish I could say that Strumelia.. but my content is my site. So I am looking for migration. Still, I remember in the good old days when I came to Ning, I left my old site stuff there and made the move. It was so refreshing to have a new start. 

  • I think one that was left out of the list but deserves to be there is Socialsitecreator. Here is their link if you want to have a look. I have spent my weekend studying it. Very close to what some of us want. It will be nice to read from anyone who has used them.

    Happy Sunday to everyone.

    • If you are more interested in a well-presented list of what is in their package as well as the price you can click here directly. Some things they offer that got me raising my eyebrows are my biggest woes with Ning: The music & video feature, type/audio/video chat, white label, polls, shopping cart, to name a few.

      • Thx for the link, very interesting. I would also like to know anyone currently using this for their network.

        And the pricing is very good, makes it easy to consider the "professional level"

        • Yeah I think even the professional package which is their most expensive package is no where near what we are currently paying here.

          • Looks very interesting.  Anyone know of the "up time" experiences and where the company is located?

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