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I know that in 3.0 we will be able to have profile questions that assign people to groups, which is awesome.  My question is if one question could be multiple choice and assign someone to multiple groups.

An example:

Let's say I run a network for people who want to discuss TV shows.  Could I have a question that was:  

Click your favorite late night program(s)

  • Conan
  • Daily Show
  • Letterman
  • Leno

and they can check multiple boxes.  I then have a fan group for each of those shows.  Could one question put them in the Conan group and the Letterman group?

Sorry if this was answered somewhere else, I didn't find it.

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  • Hi Scott,

    Members can only pick one profile question response in a multiple-choice question if it is integrated with the auto-placement in groups.

    However, what you could do is create one profile question like you've written above, and then have a second profile question that - for example - says, "Click your second favorite late night program" and then set those responses up to automatically place folks into groups, as well.   

    In this way, you should be able to achieve what you're after here. 

    I hope this helps!

    • Thanks Monica.

      Follow up question:  is there a limit to the number of profile questions?

      • Hi Scott, 

        You can have up to 20 profile questions.  

        • Thanks for getting back to me on this.

          This is going to take some interesting thinking and planning to do right on my site.  If I could make it check boxes it would be clean and easy, but single answer makes it difficult.

          Is there any chance this will change, or should I put my thinking cap on?

          • Do you mean is there any chance the profile question limit will change?  We try to be open to feedback and things do change, so I'm pretty against absolutes.  That said, there aren't any plans to increase the limit as far as I know.  

          • Hi Scott, 

            One thing to keep in mind is that an abundance of questions in the signup process can be somewhat off-putting to prospective members... it can seem like having to complete a standardized test just to get into a community. 

            A good way to use the Profile Questions integration with Groups is to just have one or two questions that filter into groups. That gets the member familiar with the concept of groups and makes they feel a sense of belonging ('hey! I'm already a part of something, cool!'). If you have a welcome plan in place, you can then point members to a blog post or page, for example, profiling the different groups they may want to join. It's more inclusive and less intimidating than giving them a pop quiz when they join. 

  • Yes!! I want to do this also for students who join a college network so they can quickly become members of the clubs and organizations available to them. +1!!!!

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