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Chat doesnt work any more

Im using 3.0 chat, it never worked from the beginnig. Kind but usseful answers from the costume attention. Never seen the private chat options.Yesterdays a member deleted the last conversation and now nodoby can use the chat.Also in last days, we had the oportunity to discover that in the chat members recovered the original names (we ask them to not use the real names on the site) but the chat where showing the real names and not the nicks!!Im feeling very tired.I took my time to come back and disturb mu contacts to join the new ning, after 7 years off.Now I feel like sad and worried.Why can the leave us to use 2.0 until the finnish fixing loads tons of mistakes?!I really think it was a bad idea. Could any one recomend another place to migrate?** 3 weeks waiting for solution its too much.** Videos doenst play,** Its no possible to add a post forum from main page.** Facebook app doesnt work** People get the comunications hours late** and some time the caracters of the text publisher dissapear and doesnt let me see whats in the boxes.I want to read another thing than a kind apologize.

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  • Were you looking for self hosted? Or cloud hosted.

    I've experienced the exact same issue with chat. I've only been on Ning for about 3 days and am running into similar problems here. I can't believe I signed up for $119.00 a month to see bugs and right now, a maintenance page on my own site. So I had to forward my domain until that's resolved.

    • I saw chat, so I will use this until I finnish the community by BuddyPress. Im dont think Ning will gonna solve all in short time!
      • If you are using word press, check out this plugin. It's called toolset Types.

        Lets you virtually make any type of social networking application you want. Photos, videos, music, wiki polls, forums, etc. You have to create your own features manually, but as far as displaying them goes, just se the relative url. So if you made a custom post type with a url like that is the main url where all the posts and navigation live. Same goes for taxonomy. Also the plugin is free.

        I have other plugin recommendations for word press also. For instance, did you know that instead of buddypress, there's an inexpensive option called WP Symposium Pro which lets you do all that buddypress and bbpress does put together. It's better than peepso.

        If you are into RSS feeds, check out WPEMatico.

        If you are into custom side bars, check out I forget the name of it, but you get the point. Anything is possible using word press. I would install something like advanced database cleaner just to keep the site running smoothly and maybe an auto draft remover for keeping space down. Other than that,postie is a good option if you are interested in having people email their posts to the site. There's ways to make it possible so that people get instant comment notifications by email when someone replies to the post. is cool but it is for a customer to worker based relationship, instead of a member to member chat. Nice, but maybe I'll check in to it later.

        I wish you well with word press.

        • Wow Tim!! Im amazed with your info!!!! I will tell you more!!
    • Hi, Tim!

      I would like to clarify the situation with the Maintenance message on your network. Yesterday we have received over 30 spam complaints regarding the emails that you were sending from the network you have created on our platform (by the way your network is still on the trial). I should admit we have never received so many spam complaints in one day, as we can see your site from the start has been redirecting people out of our platform to approximately your site build on word press or somewhere else it doesn't matter. Such redirect is allowed however the spamming is not according to our terms and conditions you have agreed to when you have created the profile on That's why we have had to block your network and sent you the warning message yesterday (please check the email box you have used to sign up) with the request to stop violating our policies and we still haven't heard back from you.

      Please be informed that such actions cannot be and wouldn't be tolerated if there would be no assurance that you would stop acting the same way we would have to block the access for you to our platform.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

      • Hi Kyryl.

        I would like to inform you I have spent the better part of 5 hours writing up a response to this, and have just sent it in to the email address I replied to in the email mentioned.

        There are several points of interest I would like to make regarding what happened.

        It seems as if there are no limits to how many invitations one can send from a network. It would be in your best interest to update that setting to avoid confusion like this in future. Such a setting could also support hard limits based on the terms of service agreement set forth by Ning in this case.

        For anyone interested, is redirected to a site created using social engine php. It is one I have administered for a time and is safe to use. The strict email policy was one mode media introduced following the release of 3.0. If the current company Noosphere adventures wishes to keep it in tact, developing limits for best practices will result in further success in regulating the platform of its intended goals and achievements.

        Having said that, the redirection in question wouldn't have been necessary if members of a pre existing network on Ning weren't so reluctant to try a new one, and or spam, or complain about the site itself, based on invitations sent here in. Which is the reason as to why this occurred in the amount, volume and frequency that it has. Trial status or no, the way Ning went about getting someone to communicate with them seems a bit drastic, considering the circumstances. But then again, network up time is a problem on this platform.

        One such feature people could use to their advantage in this case, is verifying the interest of an invitation. People could say yes or no if they were given a form when an invitation is sent to them, if they wish to join the network. If they choose yes, they will be redirected to the sign up page. If no, their email is automatically removed from the system and if they choose block, so long as the network is active, they won't be emailed again. This helps with duplicate entries. A user may log in to the form at any time to update their preference. This acts as a double opt in feature as well, making it easier to connect with new and interested members who may be curious about what you have to offer as a network creator.

        Additionally, I wish to point out blocking access to a platform should be reserved for people who choose to deliberately abuse the members of it, as opposed to not responding directly to a concern. As alternative methods are available for reaching someone who has caused problems for others. With this in mind, I rest my case.

        • Hi there!

          We don't want to limit network creators where it's possible, and since today the absence of the limit wasn't an issue.

          Regarding the blockage, it's the necessary measure, in order to keep the platform properly working for our other customers. When the email is getting sent the receiver is tracking the IP address of the server from which the message has been sent, and if there a lot of spam complaints regarding the messages sent from the specific server it could be blocked for spam by the firewall of the receiver. You know it's really easy to append in that list and lots of efforts and time needed in order to be removed from there. So in order to prevent the issues with undelivered emails on other networks, we have had to block your network and contact you via email to obtain the explanations, and decide what to do next.

          The option to unsubscribe from receiving emails is available by default and there is the link in the email to do it, however, it would work only for the one network. Unfortunately, if there would be the way to block emails from all Ning network it could cause major issues, as the person could be the member of several sites based on our platform simultaneously. 

          By the way, we have replied to your email please check your inbox, also your network was unblocked.

          Best regards,

          Ning Team.

This reply was deleted.

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