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        • It's a small setting symbol to the right bottom on the bar that shows up who's online, too bad I'm on mobile I can't upload a screen shot, that's another issue with the platform you can't upload a photo in the comment section only if you're on a computer
        • Ok I'm on a Pc now to suspend or block someone from chatting when they're online you put the mouse over their name and you will see an arrow which will give you the options to do such..To disconnect from the chat its that little circle symbol all the way to the bottom right you click on it ,it gives you the option to connect or disconnect

          • Thanks Thisis bully.

            From my tests i can see that there is a significant lapse between people disconnecting and disappearing out of the chat box, and also similar when connecting and first appearing. But anyways I'll figure it out. Thank you for your help :)

  • I would recommend altering the words in Language Editor from "Connected to Chat"  to make it read "Disconnect from Chat" to logout.  People didn't seem to understand the way it was. Some stayed logged in forever the way it was.  Just sayin'

  •'s progress but replicating existing chat functionality from 2.0 on to 3.0 seems a bit of a cop out. Was hoping for some improved functionality and chat rooms but beggers can't be choosers I guess. 

    • Here's the crazy thing, this was revamped right before 3.0, so it's almost fitting for this to be it for the moment. The new people probably said "why didn't they just use this on 3.0 a long time ago?"
  • Oops problem popping up this morning.  We began using Chat on Friday and it was fine all weekend but today, when I popped out Chat, it does not update with posts.

    This is in Firefox.  Chrome is working as it should (luckily)

    Had to the same with the embedded chat.  A refresh solved the problem but the popped out chatbox is still not updating.  Thought it was a server issue but since it's working on Chrome, it's something on Ning's end.

    I will file a ticket but is anyone else experiencing this?

    • *sigh*  Now its doing it in Chrome.  Can't wait for Ning to open......

      • Obviously ya'll have the $600/year to get this feature. You either have to get the $50/Month or the $100/month package price plan. Twitter is free, so is facebook, and Kik, and Voxer, and Snapchat, and Skype. So big no fucking way am I staying with ning! Ya'll area bunch of greedy fucks! Not everyone can actually afford to dish out that much money, we have an important thing called paying our own bills not the end up on the streets homeless! Enjoy your penthouses and mansions!

      • Hi there!

        I have tried to reproduce this issue on my test network within several days but haven't succeeded.

        If you still experiencing such issue could you please send us an email with the screenshots and possible steps that have been done in order to provoke it so we could check the issue properly.

        Thanks a lot and looking forward to hearing from you.


        Ning Team.

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