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        • I find it mysterious that it was wonky for two days and suddenly the day you responded here, it begins to work (posts are appearing).  What a shocker!  But oh no, what's going on here?  *lol*

  • NC for Hire

    Thanks! I've been busy, and hadn't even noticed. =)

  • and at times there are posts missing between the lower chat bar versus the pop out version.  Pass this on to your Developer.  There's clearly more work to be done.

    • It can also take up to 10 seconds for posts to be displayed but it's only happening on Ning.  Not other websites like Facebook or Twitter.  They are still instant and Ning Chat lags big time.

      • Hi there!

        Thanks, for the report, and I have gone ahead and filed the report to the developers so they could take a look and see what's wrong with the code or maybe it's an issue with the server performance.

        When the issue will be resolved we would contact you back, also some additional information probably would be needed as I suppose this issue isn't so easy to reproduce so we would contact you back if you don't mind.

        Best regards,

        Ning Team.

        • Kryrl I could be speaking too soon (hope not!) but it appears someone did something b/c Chat is now working beauuuuuuutifully.  Just incredible the difference.  Hope it can hold but I'm being optimistic.

          • Hi there,

            Only the server part has been updated by the admins so the performance could have increased slightly. But there were no changes made in chat code itself.

            Best regards,

            Ning Team.

            • Well thank goodness for updating the servers b/c it worked perfectly all day.  I'm sooo happy!  Thank you

This reply was deleted.

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