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Glad we stuck to it:


What does this mean for you, our valued Wibiya users?

  1. Everything is business as usual at Wibiya, but will become bigger, faster and more powerful.
  2. More good things!

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  • and guess who just registered with Conduit? ME! Although I'm not interested in Wibiya (YET) Conduit looks like some pretty powerful stuff all around....will the Wibiya toobar be free?
    • good do i remove this conduit toolbar from my browser? it has everything BUT remove, and it's screwing with my browser's view, it's GOTTA GO....i haven't even published it yet, i just clicked preview, but it apparently installed it anyway...

      ...found it, was in extensions. very much DISLIKE the fact i click "Preview", not "Publish", and it installed itself on my browser. 

      Their tour video looks great, but that thing is crazy acting, and severely slowed down load times on any site i went to...

      • Keep in mind you installed Conduit, it's meant to work that way. It's not the type of "toolbar" most creators are used to discussing.


        Wibiya however, very powerful for us.

        • if clicking preview installs it, VERY misleading. My assumption was the preview would generate on the page, not on my browser bar....also, just FYI to anyone who uses PunchTab, do not install Conduit (not speaking of Wibiya, i know it runs fine on our platform), the toolbar, once it self installed onto my browser, caused my PunchTab rewards ribbon to disappear. you can click the area and still pull up the application, but i cannot see the rewards in Chrome....i can on Firefox though, so apparently after deleting the conduit extension, something is still lingering in my browser, so im going to have to try a restart.


          not blaming you for anything at all PL, please dont take it that way. After researching the topic of your post, I just thought Conduit looked like a great addition for the site and wanted to toy with it. wish i hadn't now, i have other things i need to be working on!!

        • is it a browser toolbar?
    • @md: wow looks good, love the download page too, looks great. I may revisit this thing down the road, I just have alot to do right now, I don't want to take the time to thoroughly go through it yet, too many other things need my attention.

      @Solo: how do you make money with it?

      • @Speedy they have a rewards program..for every install of your bar they will pay you..they have some very cool ways to promote your toolbar and they even offer away to email your members about your toolbar.
  • yeah, i would put as much there (without over doing it) that links back to your content too.
  • yep yep forgot to mentioned that
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