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I'm considering doing a fundraiser on my site- not to generate revenue for the site, but for a charitable cause of sorts. With the holidays upon us, I think it would be a nice way to generate good will. So, for a week or so, I'd be donating everything that came in through purchases of virtual items on my site, as well as general donations, to a single worthwhile cause... perhaps Toys for Tots or some kind of food bank? Members would receive special perks for having helped the cause. 

However, I'm still running a small operation and, although I've got the logistics worked out of how to track the funds and how to make sure they go to the right place, I still have concerns that it might somehow bite me in the butt, either legally or tax-wise or something.

Have any of you done this? Can you think of any things I need to be prepared for as far as documentation or procedure goes?  For what it's worth, my site does not have not-for-profit status, but we put everything into upkeep and development. So, although there's no actual revenue coming in from it, I still have the status of operating a for-profit site. The money coming in would be given to an actual charitable organization.

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