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  • Hi there,

    If you wish to change "Created by Equal Access." You should just performe the search by "Created by" in the language editor and choose the appropriate one from the results. Please note that the active language should be edited. For more information you can check the Article from the help center.

    Unfortunately there is no way to remove Powered by Ning | Mode from the footer of the page. 

    Regards, Kyryl.

    • "Unfortunately there is no way to remove Powered by Ning | Mode from the footer of the page"

      Hi Kyryl

      This will be possible one day, will it not?

      • Hi Philip,

        I wish I could answer yes, however the decision regarding this matter haven't been made yet. Right now the main priority for us is to make stable platform, but as I seen sever posts and comments where this question has been raised I will definitely make sure that the management would hear that you wish to have such possibility.


        Ning Team.

    • Thanks Kyryl, I did the same thing yesterday but it wasn't working and now it has automatically started working.

    • So the Notice in this post is still applicable?

      • Hi Matt!

        Yes it's still applicable for the networks that have been created before the May 14, 2012.


        Ning Team.

This reply was deleted.

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