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Embed Location tags


I just recently started building my community, but at this point I'm facing some issues. 

I want to embed Location tags ins the activity feet, so that members can share Travel "Routes".                                                                                     My problem is, that I am so far not able to embed a function enabling me to integrate this feature into the activity window, so that the Text and the Location tags are shared as one post. 

Also the Locations tags shall appear as links, to search on there behalf. 

For example. 

Member wants to post 

Hanover -> Kassel -> Cologne 

with the text: Hi, anyone wants to join my trip starting the 1st of June? 

Other members seeing the post now should be able to click on the city names in there activity feed, to see others posts containing the same city. 

Does anyone have an idea of how to integrate this feature ?

Im grateful for any advice I can get! 

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  • Haven't really seen anything on this but I could be wrong.  Maybe someone will speak up.  You can also post over in the Creators for Hire forum and see what shakes out there b/c it sounds like a custom job.  Good luck!

  • Hi Annemie,

    Like Kos, I have not seen anything like this before.  But I have done lots of custom jobs that change the way the Ning Latest Activity feed works, so I know it can be done.  This would not be a small project, its more of a medium sized project!  If you have a budget in the hundreds of dollars for this, feel free to contact me.

    Since you posted this in Product Ideas, its always possible that Ning will see it and implement it for free on the platform this year.  I do think that we will be seeing some great things from Ning in 2017!

    Best wishes!


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